How to beautify your face in old photos using OPPO Reno7 without extra apps!
How to beautify your face in old photos using OPPO Reno7 without extra apps!

How to beautify your face in old photos using OPPO Reno7 without extra apps!

Jakarta, Gizmologia – The OPPO Reno7 series has been around since the beginning of this year, bringing specifications that are tailored to the needs of people in the country. Even so, all three still bring the same main benefits. That means it can produce the best portrait photos, the result of hardware and software improvements.

It is undeniable, the ability of artificial intelligence or AI in the OPPO Reno7 series is able to improve the appearance of the face of the captured object. Both men and women, including all ages, can be enhanced thanks to the algorithm that has been developed since the beginning of OPPO’s launch of selfie-only smartphones. By developing the latest ColorOS 12, OPPO presents an interesting capability.

If applying AI from photos to be taken from smartphones is common, how about giving the same Portrait Retouch effect to old photos you already have? This feature is provided to OPPO Reno7 users, it can be accessed easily, you don’t even need to download additional apps.

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Edit directly through the retouch function

OPPO Reno7 4G

Although the OPPO Reno7 series is equipped with quite spacious internal storage, you don’t need to download additional apps just to make your portrait photos prettier, prettier or prettier. Not only does it capture images from the OPPO Reno7 camera, but you can also enhance the facial appearance of a photo you took 10 years ago, for example. Method?

Make sure you have downloaded or saved the photo before. If so, open the photo from your default photo album app, then select the “Edit” button. Scroll to the right and you will find a button called “Retouch”. This is a special feature that seems to be hidden by OPPO and is integrated directly into the system.

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beautify OPPO Reno7 photo face - 003
From left to right, the order in which the photos appear before, with automatic mode and with face enhancement mode close to maximum.

In it, you can adjust skin color, face texture or smoothness, eye size and cheek contours to hide acne on your face. Levels are also precisely done on a scale of zero to 100, so you can give each effect just enough without making your photo look less natural.

Even if you use the 100 option, the photo will actually look natural. Thanks to the fully matured AI, the software intelligently delivers the appropriate effects. For example, when the face is bright, the lighting behind and around the face is also increased to make it more even.

Can be tried on other OPPO series

beautify OPPO Reno7 photo face - 003

The Retouch feature is just one of the many advanced features that the OPPO Reno7 series has, right from the default photo gallery app. There are other features that Gizmo friends need to try further, such as AI Palettes that can replicate Adobe Lightroom-style filters, as well as the eraser function to remove unwanted objects without having to reliably use Photoshop .

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The above-mentioned features are rolling out today through the latest ColorOS 12. If your Gizmo friends have another series of OPPO smartphones that is also getting an update to ColorOS 12, you just need to go through the update process to be able to try out these new features. Let us know if you have this feature on other OPPO smartphones besides the Reno7 series!

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