How power slides work in Session: Skate Sim
How power slides work in Session: Skate Sim

How power slides work in Session: Skate Sim

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Session: Skate Sim, you’re probably wondering how to spice up a typical skateboarding session. With the revamped Powerslide system of official version 1.0, the feature has transformed from an alternative way to stop the board into an inventive game box. Our guide describes the pros and cons of the Powerslide system.

How to make a powerful slide in Session: Skate Sim

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Basic front and rear powersliders are easier than you might expect because your position doesn’t change the required input. Using the right and left leg control scheme as a base, let’s explore how basic power slides work in Session: Skate Sim.

To perform a back powerslide, you must push both analog sticks and hold. This means the right stick is pointing left while the left stick is pointing right. You will slide hard until you either release the sticks or lose friction and come to a complete stop. To do a front powerslide, you need to push both sticks outward. This means you hold the right stick to the right while you hold the left stick to the left.

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It is worth noting that the game’s advanced settings menu includes a slider that allows you to adjust the friction that occurs when performing powerslides. Changing this setting adds an extra layer of control to your existing game. Less friction allows for longer power slides, while more friction stops your board sooner.

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Add spins to power slides in Session: Skate Sim

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to take advantage of the added complexity that Session: Skate Sim’s controls offer. For starters, triggers can be used to add extra spin to a powerslide for a sleek transition to the fakie. The trigger required depends on your position and particular power glide.

For example, if you’re doing a power slide with your back in a normal position, hold down the right trigger or R2 to end the spin. To finish spinning from a back powerslide into a silly position, use the left trigger or L2. For front powerslides, simply switch the triggers. For example, to stop spinning from a normal position, you have to hold down the left trigger or L2 instead of the right trigger.

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Learn advanced power slides in Session: Skate Sim

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If you want to dig deeper, Session: Skate Sim lets you apply pressure to both sides of the board during a slide. This means you can switch to two-wheeled powersliding with even more options, from freestyle to manual spins.

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Similar to grind pops, these advanced power slides are a simple concept that require enough practice to consistently pull off. For our example, let’s use back powerslide and left/right foot controls.

First, visualize which part of the board you want to levitate in the air and note which foot is planted there. Release the analog stick that corresponds to the side of the board you want to pick up while holding the opposite stick. To reproduce the image at the beginning of this section, release the right stick while swiping hard. This transfers all the pressure to the side of the plate that your left foot is on.

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To refine it further, the amount of pressure applied to the pad is the same as the amount of pressure applied to the analog stick. If you want a more subtle two-wheel powerslide, gently pull the stick back from the edge of the controller for easy adjustments. Since this all happens in a matter of seconds, it’s easy to accidentally re-center the stick or not respond quickly enough before the powerslide ends. Don’t give up though. Like everything in Session: Skate Sim, it’s a skill that can be acquired with enough trial and error. How power slides work in Session: Skate Sim

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