How much will a DNA test cost in 2022?  Here’s the price, terms and process!
How much will a DNA test cost in 2022? Here’s the price, terms and process!

How much will a DNA test cost in 2022? Here’s the price, terms and process!

About how much does the DNA test cost? 2022 in Indonesia? What are the requirements and what is the procedure?

Because sometimes one needs this action for some purposes. Yuksee the full explanation in the following article!

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  • Test DNA it is a relatively expensive medical procedure and may not be fully covered by government insurance.
  • To be found series of procedures to be able to obtain the results of this DNA test, both in personal interest and in legal matters.

How much does a DNA test cost in Indonesia in 2022?

When you hear the word “DNA test”, it is identical to the fictional story in the movies or soap operas on the TV screen.

In fact, this medical action is a natural thing to do, especially for personal interests or even legal issues.

For example, related to child support, adoption, immigration, inheritance, forensic issues, to easy ways to find parentage.

However, despite the importance of this action, actually How much does it cost DNA test fee what we have to prepare?

The cost of the DNA test at the hospital

To take a DNA test, the cost to prepare is around 5 million to 10 million rupees.

However, this fee does not apply to all hospitals as some may be more expensive for certain hospitals.

The cost of the DNA test at the Health Center

In the meantime, you can also take a DNA test at Puskesmas. Overall, in 2022 it will cost approx. IDR 7 million to IDR 8 million for an inspection.

Unfortunately, not all puskesmas offer this service. Because it requires certain procedures and supporting equipment.

In addition, DNA testing also requires professional medical personnel, and BPJS Kesehatan does not cover the costs. So, like it or not, you have to pay yourself.

mGiven that the numbers are relatively expensive, you should rearrange your finances to prepare for this action.

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DNA testing terms and procedures

To undergo a series of DNA testing procedures, indeed No special requirements. Most importantly, both father and son must be willing to have DNA samples taken.

not, here are a few procedure of this medical action, including:

#1 Sampling

The doctor will DNA sampling the first. The sample can be body fluids to the hair.

#2 Performing cell extraction

Then, from the evidence that has been collected, it follows: the extraction process. Generally, this extraction process is done by adding enzymes to the sample solution.

#3 DNA separation

The procedure follows DNA separation by electrophoresis.

#4 Copying DNA

At this stage it will go through the next PCR process Salina’s DNA it passes through a person’s genetic markers.

#5 DNA testing

Action DNA testing The goal is to find genetic markers as a process of detecting relationships.

#6 DNA comparison

If multiple stages have been passed, then the last procedure is the stage DNA comparison.

The genetic makeup between parents and children, each must match from their genetic markers.

DNA test function

DNA testing itself has a variety of functions, not only to determine the genetic relationship between parents and children.

However, there are some other functions that are also no less important, among others:

#1 Knowledge of genetic disorders

DNA testing also serves to analyze the possibility genetic disorder in a person.

Some of these genetic disorders, such as: Down syndrome, etc. This test can be done from children to adults.

# 2 Monitoring the child’s condition

DNA testing can also play an important role in monitor the condition of the newborn.

Health disorders such as genetic disorders, metabolic disorders, phenylketonuria can be detected.

#3 Forensic needs

We often encounter events such as plane crashes, fires, natural disasters, and so on, which make it difficult to identify the condition of the victim’s body.

After all, DNA testing is the right solution to be able to know the identity victim and match her with the family.

#4 Lifestyle improvement

DNA testing also plays a role in identify the body’s metabolic tendencies which is harmful to health.

Even through this action one can understand the most suitable type of daily exercise, the risk of injury as well as the circadian rhythm.

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The importance of verification!

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Moreover, this action also plays a role in identifying a person’s health status.

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This is the cost information for DNA Test 2022 in Indonesia. Let’s share this information who knows that your relatives or family need information. It may be useful!

Publisher: Ismyuli Tri Retno

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