Hobby “gymnastics of the heart”?  These 4 Netflix Shows About Heist You Must Watch!
Hobby “gymnastics of the heart”? These 4 Netflix Shows About Heist You Must Watch!

Hobby “gymnastics of the heart”? These 4 Netflix Shows About Heist You Must Watch!

There is a lot of fascination with the heist story. The unexpected plot, unique characters, the acumen of each actor in stealing and cheating others, to the sophistication of the technology that amazes us.

If you’re looking for something fun and entertaining, here are our recommendations for Korean heist shows from different backgrounds.

Seoul Vibe
Seoul Vibe (Photo: Netflix)

The film follows the story of a group of car enthusiasts who team up to take down a criminal syndicate as Seoul prepares to host the 1988 Olympics.

Forced to gather dark funds to disarm the secret of a mysterious character named “Ms. Kang,” the Sanggye-dong team faces a huge danger that forces them to modify their iconic car to become the ultimate crime-fighting vehicle.

Set in 1988, this film features street driving fun and impressive retro elements. Get ready to fly back to Seoul more than three decades ago.

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Money Heist: Common Economic Zone

Money Heist: Common Economic Zone (Photo: Netflix)

Adapted from the show House of Paper (Money Rack) who is loved all over the world, the series depicts the reunification of South Korea and North Korea and the establishment of the Korean Unification Currency to establish a new currency.

This move ultimately only enriches certain factions and triggers a strategist to assemble a group of high-profile thieves to pull off a massive heist. Surprises await as the hostage acts and the complexity of each challenge, including the divisions between team members.

This Korean adaptation features well-known actors playing characters from the original series, including Professor (Yoo Ji Tae), Berlin (Park Hae Soo), Tokyo (Jun Jong Seo), Moscow (Lee Won Jong) and Denver (Kim Ji hun). ).

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Time to hunt
Time to Hunt (Photo: Netflix)

Directed by Yoon Sung-hyun, this film set in the future tells the story of a time when the era of consumerism collapsed due to the financial crisis that hit the whole world. The decrease in the value of the gain has led to violence filling the streets of Seoul.

In the midst of this precarious situation, four friends attempt to commit a heist at an underground casino. But their dream of starting a new life on Kenting Island, Taiwan is shattered when they become the target of a ruthless killer.

Starring, among others, Choi Woo Shik is known for Parasite, Time to hunt made history as the first South Korean film to be screened at the 2020 Berlin International Film Festival in the special Berlinale program.

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The Thieves (Photo: Netflix)

theft It follows an unexpected collaboration between a professional Korean thief and a Chinese to catch a 20 million dollar diamond in Hong Kong.

These ten thieves must be able to break into the casino vault which is impossible to break into with various tactics. Disguising themselves as players in a casino as well as providing floor plans and patrol routes for security personnel is what they do to achieve their goals.

Tensions between the two groups characterize this heist attempt, especially when each thief has a hidden agenda. Will they finally be able to complete the mission?

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