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According to Obaapa Christy’s ex-husband, he did not benefit financially from his participation in some of the singer’s songs.

Despite the fact that he wrote eight of the songs in the music, Pastor Love Kweku Hammond said he did not receive any money.

He said, “I believe I have done 8 songs [former] wife,” adding that the procedures for tracking income at the time were not good.

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On the M’ahyease television show, he was chatting with Afia Tamakloe.

“I can say that music didn’t bring much money then.

At that time, we lost money.

The reason we didn’t get paid was because we hired someone to produce the song.

However, nothing came of the alleged royalties.

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There was no money, he claimed.

Pastor Love claims that Christiana Love, his ex-wife at the time, inspired him to have a successful career in his music career.

It has been 11 years since the couple broke up.

But according to Pastor Love, he is currently working with four artists to help them launch into the music industry.

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