Harvest Moon Android 2021 Free Apk Download (UPDATE)
Harvest Moon Android 2021 Free Apk Download (UPDATE)

Harvest Moon Android 2021 Free Apk Download (UPDATE)

Harvest Moon Android games can be easily played on mobile phones without having to go through the rooting stage. The size of the application is also relatively small, so it does not require much memory. This popular game continues to grow and finally makes a mobile version

This classic game shows the adventures that a farmer will have in the countryside. The graphic form that is presented is very charming and comfortable.

Harvest Moon Android Overview


Harvest Moon is one of the most popular games for the youth of the 90s. Technological developments are also making this game grow rapidly. The game focuses on village building land, gardening and raising animals.

Broadly speaking, players will play the role of a farmer who builds and maintains a village. If in the past this game could only be accessed on the Playstation, now it can be played using a mobile phone.

The touch screen ease of use makes this game very easy to play. Broadly speaking, this game is the same as the previous version, namely completing the given routines and tasks.

Before starting the game, you must first select the character you want to use and create the desired name. Select the desired gender and enter the character’s birthday.

This game can teach players to become reliable and professional farmers. In this initial filling, you can only fill in free data, it does not have to be written honestly. You can compose it however you want.

To be able to play this game, you need to use a Playstation 1 emulator called ePSXe. There are no special specifications to be able to run this game.

The file size is quite light which makes it easier for players to play. All the latest mobile phones can now be used to play this one game.

Guide to play Harvest Moon Android games

The game of farming is enjoyed by many people from all walks of life. In addition to being able to have fun, this game is very fun to play because players feel like going on an adventure. In general, the gameplay of this mobile version is not much different from the previous one.

However, there are some differences that should be noted. This game is very interesting to play especially with the android emulator which is very easy to use.

No wonder this game is highly rated and very popular. To play the game well, here is a game guide that will help you become a professional farmer.

1. Spring of the first year


  • During this phase, players must regularly go to mine at Mina Spring. It aims to find various valuable materials such as silver ore and copper ore.
  • After mining, players can go pick up 3 bamboo closures.
  • Players must also pick up 1 blue glass from a hot spring pool or Got7’s house. Players must do this activity regularly every day.
  • After that, try to collect money until the amount is 5000 gold, then go to the supermarket to buy various necessities. Buy useful items for mining.
  • Look for good quality mining products as the sale value will be higher.
  • Every time you do an activity, take the time to pass the dean of Yodel Ranch so you can get a horse.
  • Buy a brush from Saibara Blacksmith which costs around 800 gold.
  • Friday, Saturday or Sunday, meet on the beach from 7-10am or 7-10pm. The goal is to be able to get fishing root that can be used for fishing.
  • Take the time to meet the 5 girls in the game in places like Mari Liberty, Popuri Poultry Farm and so on.
  • Arrange your garden to make it look nice and tidy. Break the stones and remove the weeds that are around the garden. Use another special to be able to break rocks easily
  • Provide seeds regularly in the garden so that tulips and other plants can grow well and beautifully. You also need to water regularly every day.

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2. The first summer year


  • Take part in the swimming festival that takes place on the 1st
  • Do not forget to regularly water the seeds that have been planted. Plant the bellows pineapple in late spring.
  • Players also need to buy other types of plant seeds so that agricultural products are more abundant. For example onions, corn, tomatoes and so on.
  • Take the red grass found in the hot pool area and sell it to increase your income.
  • Players can also start mining to increase their income. Take the honey that is in the tree to the left of the fish pond for sale.
  • Cut the wooden stump near the hot tub area to increase supplies.
  • Try to get to know your neighbors better and socialize with the locals. Give them some of the things they want.
  • Find out what your friend’s birthday is so you can give a gift.
  • When you have enough money, try to build a cowshed and buy some cows or sheep to take care of.
  • Find and get 1 legendary fish during the summer season.
  • Use squid for bait. Use a squid for one day only. You can continue the next day.

3. Winter of Year I


  • Keep animals kept in winter from leaving the pen.
  • Increase the capacity of garden tools that are less efficient for winter preparations, for example scythes and so on.
  • Mining can still be done in the winter, but there are some things to consider, such as preparing tools and empty bins.
  • Build a house that was originally stage 1 to stage 2. You can also upgrade some of the pens you have.
  • This winter, focus on getting 2 types of legendary fish.
  • Continue to build good relationships with friends so that they can help each other when needed.
  • Every 14, stay in the plantation area. The girl with the purple heart will come to visit and give gifts.

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Advantages of the game Harvest Moon Android version

There are several advantages that are presented in the Android version of Harvest Moon game compared to the PC version.

This can be a form of development done by the developer so that this game remains attractive so that it can attract the enthusiasm of the players. Apart from being easy to play, it turns out that this version of Android has some other advantages as follows.

1. Maintain fishing characteristics


The fishing feature is one of the most interesting things about this game. To maintain the appeal and the games that have been implemented, Harvest Moon Android has been equipped with a fishing feature.

No wonder the game will feel more fun. Through this feature, players can get different types of fish and other sea creatures. To get a big catch,

You need to hone your fishing skills and be patient. The results of the obtained fish can be used for various things, for example, in cooking.

The fishing spots available are quite diverse, from ponds to shores. Players can determine their desired fishing location.

2. 3D graphics


This Android version of Harvest Moon features good 3D graphics to make the game more fun and pleasing to the eyes. The game arena and environment look more alive and have sharp and neat details.

Even though it is accessed via mobile, the displayed graphics are very attractive so that players will feel at home playing it for a long time.

3. Can choose Character Gender


In the Android version of Harvest Moon, players can more freely choose the type of character gender they want. It is not known in detail whether this game already has a feature to design its own body and face shape or not.

However, the available characters are clearly gender differences, so players can choose according to taste. Each character has its own uniqueness.

Download Harvest Moon Android


This type of game has been popular for a long time, no wonder the mobile version is also liked by many users. In this game, you can play the role of a farmer who builds a village, takes care of his garden and manages a farm.

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It’s not an easy task, but the flow of this game makes it feel very fun and exciting. You won’t even notice if you spent a lot of time playing.

Playing this game, you will feel like starting a new life in a village. To start the game, you can download the game through the link below.

Download link:


How to Install Harvest Moon Game on Android Device

After downloading the Harvest Moon game file, the next thing you need to pay attention to is how to install it. There are several things to consider because in order to play you need an emulator and also the game application.

A bad installation process makes it difficult for the phone to read the installed game files. To be able to play comfortably, see how to install it as follows.

  • Go to the download link that was given earlier. Wait until the download process is complete.
  • To be able to play this game, you need an emulator as well as the game file itself.
  • The first step to be done is to install the ePSXe app that was downloaded earlier. The installation process may take some time, wait for it to finish.
  • Extract the Harvest Moon game file that was downloaded earlier. Go to your file manager, select your download folder, then select the rare game file that was downloaded.
  • Hold for a moment, then select the extract menu here so that the results don’t move. Wait until the process is complete.


  • If the file extraction process is complete, you can exit immediately.
  • Open the ePSXe app that was installed on your phone.
  • Click to run.
  • When a notification appears, click ok to continue.
  • Then click on run the game again and wait until the game app search finishes loading.
  • This process may take a long time because you need to read some of the files on your phone.
  • When the search is complete, the extracted Harvest Moon file will appear.
  • Select the file and wait for the process to start running.
  • When the Harvest Moon game loading appears, it means you are directed to enter the app. Wait a few minutes, the game is ready to play.

Harvest Moon Android is perfect for those of you who like village maintenance or building games. It takes a lot of time to assemble the components in the village and get products from plantations as well as animals. But it will feel more fun.

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