“Grey eyes, Aisywara Nealofa is very beautiful…” – Netizen
“Grey eyes, Aisywara Nealofa is very beautiful…” – Netizen

“Grey eyes, Aisywara Nealofa is very beautiful…” – Netizen

Video photo and close-up pictures of MUA Bellaz’s baby, Nur Aisywara Nealofa, who is now almost a month old. Wow, different from others Nealofa Ni Photosh0t Theme. Very cute facial miming while eyes shining looking for mommy!!

In just a few days, the fourth child of the famous make-up artist MUA Bellaz, who was named Nur Aisywara Nealofa, will be one month old. Since Aisywara Nealofa’s face was shown to the public, netizens received praise for her cute face.

Every day only MUA Bellaz shares about this baby’s latest development. Nealofa is beautiful, just like her mother. With a pointed nose and small, ruby ​​red lips, Nealofa looks like a doll.

Revision entry MUA Bellaz’s latest on his Instagram account, shared several videos and pictures showing photograph0t Nealofa Against the background of the green canvas, Nealofa is dressed in a shirt and headband the flowers are white.

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Nealofei’s eyes widened as if searching for where her mother was. With his fingers holding the string like a swing, he made netizens ger4m see Nealofa. On Posting and before, the picture close Nealofa’s face showing the color of her eyes attracts attention.

Let’s watch the video below:

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This partnership of MUA Bellaz has already raised over 40 thousand likes from the netizens so far. Among their comments:

“Wow, it’s different from other photo shoots, I want to marry the king’s son hehe. Nealofa is very pretty, her eyes are very beautiful.. “

“Swing as fast as you can until you reach the senna tree, bring your eyes to the senna. My eyes are looking for where mom is haha. Nealofa’s eyes are very pretty.. “

“It’s so nice to see, this little boy is so beautiful. He knows how to hold that rope.. War4i is like a big man hehe.. “

“Then he went up there, ish ger4m aii dock hold the rope. That face isn’t even pretty…”

“The eyes of this empty child, where is this pious child? Bellaz is pregnant guess what pic is so cute…”

“The eyes are beautiful, you can see the gray color. Later, her eyes will be the color of Choc Muda, beautiful, the beauty of this child 4 years later.. “

“With gray eyes, this Aisywara Nealofa is very beautiful. I am very pleased with her eyes, when she grows up, she is incomparably beautiful.. “

The older Nealofa gets, the more she resembles her father’s face, but she is just as beautiful as her mother. These eyes really make many people fall in love. May Aisywara Nealofa become a pious child and the pride of the family.

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Source: IG MUA Bellaz

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