Free AXIS Internet Hacks Using TunnelCat VPN
Free AXIS Internet Hacks Using TunnelCat VPN

Free AXIS Internet Hacks Using TunnelCat VPN

Free AXIS Internet Hacks Using TunnelCat VPN – There are more and more attractive offers and promotions from various Internet providers in this country, at the same time more and more popular applications are appearing that can change unlimited quota to unlimited alias.

This app is one of them is TunnelCat VPN is one of them. TunnelCat VPN app is one of the apps developed in the Philippines and number one in its type of apps.

This app helps you to change your quota 0 to unlimited. With the advantages offered, this app is very good for free and unlimited odds hunters.

Okay, in this discussion we will discuss in detail how to browse AXIS for free with TunnelCatVPN app.

For those of you AXIS provider users who want to experience the power of this app, make sure you pay attention to our discussion this time to the end so you can surf for free and not miss the trick.

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Advantages of TunnelCat VPN

free internet axis tunneled vpn
  1. It’s the number one app of its kind.
  2. Easier display and setup without having to enter SSL.
  3. It doesn’t take long to install as there aren’t many steps.
  4. The speed is very fast compared to similar apps (over 5MB/s).
  5. The process of TunnelCat VPN application to connect to the network is very fast compared to similar applications (if the bug works and the settings are correct).
  6. Unlimited network access.


Before setting up your smartphone APN and TunnelCat VPN app, please read the following conditions for details:

  1. Make sure your quota and credit are empty when you plan to set up AXIS Free Internet with TunnelCat VPN.
  2. This method can also be used to perform activities like live and video streaming, online gaming, video calling and more.
  3. Download the TunnelCat VPN app via the Play Store.
  4. Make APN settings on your smartphone.
  5. This trick is only for regular AXIS. Meanwhile, for AXIS Hura-Hura the settings will be slightly different.

Cara Setting APN Free Internet AXIS

AXIS free internet method with TunnelCat VPN must first set APN (Access Point Name) on mobile phone. The steps are:

Open Settings>More>Mobile network>Access point name. Do what APN new with the following settings:

APN: hwgprs
Authentication type: PAP or CHAP
APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6

If you have, click sage then select APN which has already been done.

How to set up AXIS TunnelCat VPN app

After you make the APN settings, then configure the TunnelCat VPN app, the app settings are as follows:

  1. Download TunnelCat VPN on Playstore.
  2. Open the TunnelCat VPN app.
  3. On the main page, please select one of the available servers. For example, this time please choose Singapore 5 server because this server is stable even when you use it to play online games.
  4. Go to the settings page of the TunnelCat VPN app with the one in the lower right corner.
  5. Scroll down, then click on ADVANCED SETTINGS.
  6. On the page ADVANCED SETTINGSmake settings like this:
    Tunneling method: select SSL
    Payload Settings: (bug may or may not work depending on IP)
    Repository URL: delete the existing URL, leave it blank
  7. Return to the TunnelCat VPN home page and then click CONNECTING STARTS
  8. Completed.


In the ADVANCED SETTINGS> Payload settings, the errors entered may or may not work. If you are unsuccessful with the above errors, please login

If it still doesn’t work, you can search for a working AXIS error, then try to use it. This is AXIS free internet hack using TunnelCat VPN. Good luck, and good luck.

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