Forgot your Quipper password?  These 6 ways to bypass a blocked account
Forgot your Quipper password? These 6 ways to bypass a blocked account

Forgot your Quipper password? These 6 ways to bypass a blocked account

I forgot my Quipper password – Online learning is currently widely used in Indonesia. A learning systems provider from Quipper that makes it easy to connect students with teachers.

The problem of forgetting Quipper passwords will really make it difficult for users because they cannot miss or get online materials. Well, some of you must have schools that use Quipper for online learning.

Like MICROSOFT TEAMS FORGOT PASSWORD, you must have a registered username or email to access a new password change. Given the importance of a Quipper account, you can be alert the day before by storing passwords anywhere.

Quipper Learn password changes can be made directly by students. Meanwhile, those using Quipper School must go through a teacher account, so that requires another process.

I forgot my Quipper password

Quipper can be said to have complete features for teaching and learning such as online topics, quizzes and assessment facilities. Now, for those who forgot their Quipper password, now will provide a tutorial on how to solve it below.

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How to overcome forgotten Quipper password

You must have access in the form of a username and email that was previously registered with Quipper. Next, prepare enough internet quota to reset your Quipper password online through a browser.

1. From your browser, open and then enter your username or email address.

How to overcome forgotten Quipper password

2. Continue pressing Request link.

Overcoming Quipper's Forgotten Password

3. A notification will appear to check your email to get the Quipper link.

Quipper login

4. Open the email, then access the email from Quipper.

quipper e-mail link

5. Inside there is a Quipper link to reset password, just press it.

quipper link

6. You will be directed to the Quipper password change page with a minimum requirement of 6 characters consisting of letters and numbers. Enter the new password and confirm then press Change your passwordproceed with Quipper reconnection.

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username email address

reset link quipper

How to fix locked Quipper School account

Then, to overcome your forgotten Quipper School password, you need to log in using your teacher account. Directly in the settings you can overcome the forgotten Quipper student password in several ways, as follows.

1. Go to, then log in using your email address and password. Choose one of the classes according to the student who forgot their password.

How to fix locked Quipper School account

2. Continue selecting manage Then student names appear. Choose the name of the student who forgot the password then press the icon Student settings.

how to fix locked Quipper account

3. Then select the section Change class membership.

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Quipper account blocked

4. The student name, username and password information will appear. Just change the password as you want, then tap Save the changes and students can connect directly.

Bypass a blocked account


What if Quipper forgot password doesn’t work?

Call immediately on phone number 0811 1785309 or WhatsApp 08119941637

What happens if my Quipper School account is blocked?

Contact your class teacher to change your password

How many times can I change my Quipper password?

There is no limit as long as you have access to your registered email

It can be concluded that overcoming a forgotten Quipper password is quite easy if you have a Learn account. However, for Quipper School accounts, it is mandatory to report to your teacher or person in charge of your school.