For data security, delete these 35 apps from your phone!
For data security, delete these 35 apps from your phone!

For data security, delete these 35 apps from your phone!

Romania, Gizmologi – For those of you who care about data security, you should read more. As usual, Gizmin regularly informs you about dangerous apps on Android phones.

I don’t want to underestimate Google in anticipating the spread of viruses, malware and trojans lurking in the Play Store. Even though this tech giant has repeatedly disabled apps that carry these “diseases,” it seems the pattern keeps repeating itself.

This time, Bitfinder warns that there are apps on the Play Store that target the data security of Android phone users. In fact, this action is even more disturbing because it is capable of stealing money from digital wallet apps or mobile banking on infected mobile phones.

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However, this time it wasn’t as scary as the Joker malware, which was able to infiltrate bank accounts and drain the balance. But you need to be aware of it because it spreads through adware or ads that appear on mobile phones.

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So, if you are tempted by the ad, you will be led to install certain apps that turn out to carry software that harms your data security. Sound familiar?

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Applications that threaten data security

Phishing in disguise
Everyone can be exposed to phishing (

Without further ado, here are 35 dangerous apps that may already be installed on your Android phone. If so, you should uninstall it immediately before your data security is removed!

Wall Light – Wallpaper Pack
Big Emoji – Keyboard
Grad Wallpapers – 3D Backgrounds
Motor wallpapers – Live and 3D
Wallpapers – 4K and HD
EffectMania – Photo Editor
Artistic filter – Photo depth effect
Fast Emoji Keyboard
Create Sticker for Whatsapp
Math Solver – Room Help
Photopix Effects – Art Filter
LED Theme – Colorful Keyboard
Keyboard – Fun Emoji, Sticker
Smart Wi-Fi
My GPS location
Image Warp Camera
Art Girls Wallpaper HD
Cat simulator
Smart QR Creator
Color the old photo
GPS location
Wallpapers for girls
Smart QR Scanner
GPS location maps
Volume control
Secret horoscope
Smart GPS location
Animated Sticker Master
Personality loading show
Sleep sounds
QR Creator
Media volume slider
Secret Astrology
Color photos
Phi 4K Wallpapers – Anime HD

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