Food serving inspiration suitable for beer drinking buddies
Food serving inspiration suitable for beer drinking buddies

Food serving inspiration suitable for beer drinking buddies

Beer is one of the most delicious beverages ever invented by mankind. It seems we can all agree on that, and indeed, beer is a favorite match when consuming a variety of foods.

It’s important to know which foods go well with beer, because not all beers are good food companions. Many types of beer are present, from lager, pilsner, but, stouts, until cider.

All types of beer taste different and if you make the wrong choice, it will really spoil the delicious taste that both have.

Here is a dish that suits friends to drink beer according to its type.

Lager with fries

Lagers are made from chilled yeast. Lager it is the type of beer that many choose because it is refreshing and easy to enter the stomach.

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Because it tastes so good, we recommend a variety of snacks like fries to accompany the beer lager You.

The oil from a fried potato accompanied by a sip of cold lager beer will certainly create a very delicious combination of flavors in the mouth.

Ale with pizza

We are going to Italy. Pizza is a suitable food for friends to drink the next beer with a type of but. This type of beer is made from cider malting barley which went through the fermentation stage.

A kind of beer but It has a sweet taste and has a fruity taste. For this, serving spicy and savory food like pizza is the best combination to accompany the beer but.

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Pilsner with Hotdog

A pilsner in fact, it still falls into this category but. But what makes it different is the presence of additional spices called hop on beer pilsner.

Pilsner It has a sharp taste with a unique floral aroma, so we think this beer pairs well with US snacks like hotdogs.

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The taste of hotdogs grilled with cheese and mixed with spicy pilsner it will create a very unique taste in your mouth.

Stouts with cake

Stouts are a beer known for its deep black color. This beer has a bitter taste that matches its color.

Interestingly, although its appearance is very fierce, this beer has a light alcohol content and does not differ much from its friends.

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It tastes bitter, of course sweet foods like chocolate cake are best friends with beer stouts.

Cider with Salad

Cider beer is made from fermented apple cider. This beer with a strong apple flavor is definitely very suitable to be the friend of a healthy dish.

Vegetable salad is the perfect pairing when enjoying a beer cider. The scorching sun will disappear with the presence of cold cider beer with a delicious vegetable salad.

This is a dish that is suitable for friends to drink beer according to its type. What are you waiting for? Immediately open the fridge and grab a bottle of cold beer and enjoy. Luck!