Fernanda González and Brayan Yllas won the title of Miss and Mister Turismos Venezuela 2022
Fernanda González and Brayan Yllas won the title of Miss and Mister Turismos Venezuela 2022

Fernanda González and Brayan Yllas won the title of Miss and Mister Turismos Venezuela 2022

The National Theater of Caracas was the stage that gave home Miss and Mister Tourism Venezuela 2022, which took place on the night of Tuesday, July 26. Where 41 young people competed to win the coveted title, the winners being the representatives of the Capital District Fernanda González and Brayan Yllas.

The the opening was a musical journey through all the Venezuelan rhythmsthe crown and sash candidates, representing every state in the country, put on a masterful presentation choreographed and produced by Brian Urea.

It is also important to note that this show was loaded with a lot of avant-garde and innovation, it had the animation of the famous presenter and model Leo Aldana. The show was directed by the businessman and president of the Miss and Mister Tourism Venezuela organization, Félix Farías, who designed an event for the joy of the entire audience present, always focused on the praise of beauty, talent and tourism.

Likewise, the Venezuelan singer Annae Torrealba She was applauded throughout the theater during her performance on stage with the dance group, Danzas nacionalistas de La Guaira, with whom she shared the stage in a choreography by Brian Urea. What was an emotional moment from the performer that night he was celebrating his birthday.

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The 41 participants, were presented together by the states, giving a light verse which in itself characterizes them, as well as the entities they represent on this occasion; Likewise, the work they learned about the title they would take, tourism; under the teachings of Natalia McCarthy, member of Unesco Venezuela.

After the swimsuit parade, the first special awards of the evening were given to both misses and mysteries, who were recognized as the best bodies, photogenic miss and mystery, best catwalk and fitness style. Like singer and actress Mily Osuna, she premiered her new promo track ‘Baila’ on this catwalk.

Afterwards, the ladies and gentlemen paraded their gala dresses, created by Venezuelan fashion houses and designers, and also handed out the prizes for miss tourism, smile (Miss Anzoátegui, Hennesys González and Mr. Península Guajira, Juan Petit), personality ( Miss Sugar). , Carol Trujillo and Mister Miranda, Yoel Quevedo), friendship (Miss Costa Oriental, Miregnis Paz), best partner (Mister Portuguesas, Benjamín Rojas), elegance/etiquette (Miss Península Guajira, Naomi Prieto and Mister Zulia, José Antonio Camarillo ), best hair (Miss Bolívar, Inés Valentina Pérez), best appearance (Miss Trujillo, Edgard Castillo), interactive (Miss Bolívar, Inés Valentina Pérez), popularity (Miss Carabobo, Gerson Arellano), face (Miss Aragua , Fabiana Ledezma), Evolution (Míster Monagas, Oscar Zapata), Best Look (Miss Portuguesa, Eva Briceño), Leadership For Venezuela (Miss Amazonas, Nickeyli Escobar and Mr. Guárico, Renzo La Posta), Talent (Miss Distrito Capital , Fernanda González and Míst er Guarico, Renzo La Posta).

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To find the final selection, there was a first filter, de the selection of 11 stateswhich would go to semi-final roundin which they had to give a speech of condemnation to a Venezuelan or a foreigner which causes them to visit the state they representedin which the young ladies and mysteries highlighted the touristic properties of the Venezuelan land.

In turn, before choosing the winners, Miss and Mister Venezuela 2021, left a message to their successors, emphasizing that their admiration because the country has grown and that the honor of being ambassadors to the whole world is a responsibility that undoubtedly involves more than being a pretty face. In addition, the former Miss Tourism said goodbye to her reign with an emotional video that was recorded in different places of our national territory and also revealed that her dream is to represent Venezuela in the international pageant that the organization will send him; therefore, Laura Zavaleta hopes to be crowned Miss International Tourism.

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They went on to name finalists in the following categories:

Men: 5: Alexander Castillo (Mister Tourism Mérida). 4: Joan Paduany (Mr. Tourism Bolívar). 3rd: José Antonio Camarillo (Mr. Turism Zulia). 2: Gerson Arellano (Mr. Carabobo Tourism). 1mer: Renzo La Posta (Guárico Mr. Tourism).

Ras: 5: María Elena Guzmán (Miss Tourism Apure). 4: Jayxsoris Pereira (Miss Tourism Delta Amacuro). 3: Fabiana Ledezma (Miss Tourism Aragua). 2: Carol Trujillo (Miss Tourism Sucre). 1st: Valery Padrón (Miss Tourism Zulia).

and the new ones Miss and Mister Tourism Venezuela 2022, are the representatives of the Capital District Fernanda González and Brayan Yllas, who claimed that they are fighting to save tourism in our country.

Likewise, the president of the organization informed that Yllas will travel to represent our tricolor in Mister Tourism World, in the Philippines, in December. While González, will represent us in Miss Tourism Universe, which will take place in Lebanon. To learn more about the new winners of Miss and Mister Tourism Venezuela 2022, do not hesitate to follow them through the organization’s official social networks such as: @Missymisterturismovenezuela on Instagram, @Missymisterturismovenezuela on Facebook and Miss and Mister Tourism Venezuela on YouTube.