Fastest Free FF Diamond Earning App 2022 Proven Authentic
Fastest Free FF Diamond Earning App 2022 Proven Authentic

Fastest Free FF Diamond Earning App 2022 Proven Authentic

For those of you who like to play free fire, of course you cannot miss the free and fastest FF Diamond Producer app, which we will list on

FF really, the game is a lot of fun. Especially when you play with friends and this ff has become the best selling game in Indonesia.

This game looks great but can be played on all low-end Android phones.

Not all phones with large memory can play. So it is natural that many people like this Free Fire game.

Then check out the newest free FF Diamond Producers app available now. You can check it out in full below.

List of Newest Genuine Free Fire Diamond Earning Apps 2022

Free app to earn FF diamonds

Fastest Free FF Diamonds Earning App (Illegal)

Especially for the fun of this category. Basically, don’t use real account, because it’s a modified application system. So please understand first.

Spin Diamond FF

First of all there is an app which is very easy to get diamond ff and the app is also free.

The app is called Spin Diamond FF and all you have to do is spin the spinning wheel. Thanks to the spinner, you can get diamonds instantly.

This app is very easy to use and many people use it for fun.

The process is very fast and only takes a few minutes. You will get free diamonds instantly.

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Sensi Kapa FF APK

Like the previous app, there is also Sensi Capa FF APK which allows you to add items and diamonds easily and for free.

This third party app is a quick process and you can add diamonds to your free shooter in no time.

However, most people use the app to enjoy their new account.

So for those who want to try. Now you can download and install on your Android phone.

Cheat Ruok FF

The last one is an app called Cheat Ruok FF. This is a third-party app that instantly adds elements to your free shooter.

As the name suggests, this app is a tool to add what you need to your game just by entering your account key.

In the original app, you just need to select the items you need, such as skins, diamonds, weapons and more.

So it’s free and easy to use right from the app. And the process is fast.

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Fire Diamond Earning Free App with Apps (Official)

vip mod ff fully unlocked vip mod ff fully unlocked

Cash Pop

The first is Cashpop, an earning app that is widely used today.

With this Cashpop app you can earn free ff diamonds by doing tasks with this Cashpop app.

This cash flow app has different tasks every day and you can also use the many gifts you give to buy free diamonds.

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Whof rewards

There is also a Whof Rewards app similar to Cash Pop which can be an app that allows you to earn money.

In this app, your task is to complete many available tasks. Want to invite friends etc.

And this app has been proven by many people and downloaded more than 1 million times by other users.

You have the opportunity to earn money from this app, which can later be exchanged for free ff diamonds.

We sing

Next is the wesing app, a karaoke app that has many users for a long time.

This is a karaoke app. However, the app also allows you to earn huge cash rewards by completing various tasks.

Missions can invite friends and many other simple and free missions. You can earn money from this app.

You can use recurring payments to pay and buy ff diamonds for free results from this app.

Baca Plus

There is also the Bacaplus app, a popular news reader app that is common on all modern Android phones.

How to use You usually assign a few tasks per day, such as inviting friends.

Rewards will be awarded later in the form of coupons and coins. You can pay later via account or mobile banking

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You can also exchange ff diamonds for free without buying at your expense.

of Hill

Next up is Dealio, an Indonesian survey app that you can use to earn money for free.

Just like the other survey apps here, you have to answer various questions every day or at any time.

Then you will earn money which you can buy for free with free fire training.


Next is the Yougov app, a search app that you can use to get free diamonds.

This app asks you to complete tasks in the form of answering simple questions. Just a little

After investigation you will be paid daily which you can use to get free diamonds.

licorice Indonesia

The newest free diamond mining app is the Licorice Indonesia prospecting app.

With this app, you just answer a few questions about your options and get paid.

With this payment you can exchange them for diamonds or find them in cash through the bank.

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End of words

This is’s discussion about various free diamond generator apps that have been proven to be used by many.

Those of you who haven’t tried it, please choose according to your wishes and just download it for free.

Good luck yes.