Exceeding the global platform, Fita is claimed as the number one health app in Indonesia
Exceeding the global platform, Fita is claimed as the number one health app in Indonesia

Exceeding the global platform, Fita is claimed as the number one health app in Indonesia

Jakarta, Gizmologia – Since its launch in November 2021, the Fita app is claimed to have gained the top position in terms of brand awareness in the health app category. How come?

Yes, the claim is based on the results of a survey conducted on three market research platforms, namely Jakpat, Snapcart and Populix, which claimed that Fita got the top position in the category of health apps in the health sector. preventive health.

In this regard, Raynazran Royono, Chief Executive Officer of Fita said that Fita was introduced to support the healthy lifestyle of today’s society. As we know today, a healthy lifestyle creates new habits in the community, such as healthy or culinary cooking, users of greener modes of transportation such as bicycles, and exercise at home, independently or with a personal trainer.

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“The growth of Fita in the last year shows the high interest of the community to start living a healthy life. Seeing the high demand, in addition to presenting various health programs, we are also enhancing the features of various technologies to provide an integrated and seamless experience. This initiative was welcomed so that it managed to reach the top position top brand awareness surpasses global players who were first to market,” he said in an official statement received Gizmologist.

For your information, Fita is a health app that provides rewards to users and aims to encourage the implementation of a healthy lifestyle for the community. After completing health activities, users can collect Fita points to be exchanged for various attractive prizes. The reward feature is one of the superior features that aims to motivate users to complete their chosen health program.

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Fita reaches the number one position in preventive health apps in Indonesia

Health programs offered by Fita

In supporting the healthy lifestyle of its users, Fita has three main pillars, namely nutrition, fitness and wellness. Features are the Signature Weight Lost program, Healthy Living by Ade Rai and Start Sports with Melani Putria.

In addition, there are Kemal Mochtar’s weight loss programs and Karenina Sunny’s Eat Well & Health. Fita claims that all programs presented have gone through an accreditation process by a certified trainer from APKI (Indonesian Fitness Trainers Association) and can be followed for free by users.

For paid programs, Fitra recently launched a Premium subscription package for IDR 49k that allows users to enjoy additional features such as exercise plan, point multipliersand reduced prices for the purchase of healthy food catering.

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“Unexpectedly, this feature since its launch in July 2022 has managed to sell more than 10 thousand premium packageReynazran said.

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As of July 2022, Fita is claimed to have been downloaded by over 2 million users. This is what makes it still maintain its position as a trusted health app.

“The development potential of Fita in the future is still very high. We are currently building a consultation function with fitness trainers and nutritionists to provide comprehensive guidance to users, as well as shopping functions that are connected to insurance, wearables, training courses and health commerce platforms,” ​​Reynazran concluded.