Elementary school teacher salaries, from lowest to highest
Elementary school teacher salaries, from lowest to highest

Elementary school teacher salaries, from lowest to highest

Elementary school teacher salary – According to Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), a teacher is a person whose job is to teach. A teacher is someone who is very instrumental in our lives, we usually call him an unsung hero. Teachers are people who help us learn in educational programs.

The teachers we are familiar with generally teach at educational levels from Kindergarten (TK), Elementary School (SD), High School (SMP), High School (SMA) and Vocational High School (SMK).

To appreciate the services of teachers, especially in the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia, we usually remember this commemoration of Teacher’s Day which falls on November 25 every year.

At the elementary school level, a class usually has a home teacher who teaches all subjects except for subjects like Religion, English, Sports, Scouting and some activities/extracurriculars that have certain skills, so teachers with certain skills are also needed abilities. .

Elementary school teacher salary

A teacher must be able to educate and teach well all students, whose number of students depends on each class and school. A teacher is also required to be able to pay more attention and guide students in order to socialize well.

Also, a teacher must be able to provide a teaching that can be accepted by all students with different teaching types.

The role and responsibility of a teacher is very large, because in addition to teaching scientific subjects, he also helps children’s psychological development, understanding children’s problems.

Every teacher must have a patient nature, especially for the lower school levels such as kindergarten or elementary school. Each level of education has a variety of characteristics and characteristics of different students, even in a school or class, each student has a different character.


And each teacher is actually required to understand their students, providing the most appropriate teaching method for each student so that they can be understood. Teachers become teachers and educators.

The salaries of teachers from one elementary school to another can vary depending on where they are placed, the certification held by the teacher, the years of service that have been taken, the status of the teacher at the school, and other considerations. which become the decision of the school in granting salaries.

Elementary school teacher salary

For example, teachers with the status of Civil Servants (PNS)/Civil State Apparatus (ASN), certified Public Servants (PNS/ASN) teachers, teachers from a private school, teachers who become honorary staff, teachers teachers who have apprentice status. students and volunteer teachers certainly do not have the same salary, for some schools, teachers sometimes have special allowances.

The salaries of elementary school teachers vary greatly, starting from the lowest incomes to the highest. In fact, according to the government budget, every teacher already has a minimum salary that must be received, but in reality it cannot be achieved uniformly and continuously .

As a result, some teachers have to find additional income outside of their main activities to survive, in addition to maintaining their ideals of becoming a teacher.

There are some teachers who work selflessly, but as a human being, of course, it is very natural to want to get results from what they do. A teacher also has a family to support, or at least take care of.

For the salaries of elementary school teachers who are civil servants/civil servants, the following will be presented. Since the teaching profession must be at least a bachelor’s degree (S1), or group III level, group III data will be presented.

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Group III

The first teacher

III/A Young stylists Rp 2,579,400 – Rp 4,236,400
III/B Level 1 Young Stylist Rp 2,688,500-Rp 4,415,600

young master

III/C stylist 2,802,300 Rp – 4,602,400 Rp
III/D Level 1 Stylist IDR 2,920,800-Rp 4,797,000

Group IV

Associate Professor

IV/A Pembina IDR 3,044,300-IDR 5,000,000
IV/B Tier I Builder 3,173,100 Rp – 5,211,500 Rp
IV/C Junior Lead Builder IDR 3,307,300 – IDR 5,431,900

Principal teacher

IV/D Associate Lead Builder Rp 3,447,200 – Rp 5,661,700
I HAVE Master builder Rp 3,593,100 – Rp 5,901,200

Considering the table, it does not necessarily mean that the salary earned by each teacher is consistent with what was described in the table above, because in some cases (regions) there are teachers who earn more or less, it all depends on level/class, tenure, teacher status and others.

Elementary school teacher salary

For comparison, average salary data obtained from the job portal will be presented. For Jobportal Indeed, apply salary with the keywords:

  • Elementary school in Indonesia worth Rp. 3,418,433
  • Jakarta Elementary School worth Rp. 5,261,263
  • Elementary school teachers in Indonesia worth Rp. 2,882,878
  • Elementary school teachers in Jakarta worth Rp. 3,648,537, it can be concluded that teachers’ salaries depend on the institution.

Meanwhile, according to Alterra, the highest honorarium in Jakarta is Rp. 4,590,000 plus an allowance of Rp. 229,500, and overall honorariums for 2021 will be estimated to vary from Rp. 2,000,000 to 4,000,000.

In some areas, there are those who secure salaries from 500,000 to 1,000,000, and there are even teachers who earn a salary of 300,000. Teaching is a profession that truly supports the progress of the nation because every successful individual in the future is the result of the teaching that was obtained from the teachers during their school days.

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Therefore, as a foundation for the advancement of the country, every teacher should have equal and fair rights, positions, opportunities.

There must be an effort to be able to review the role of the teacher which is very instrumental to the progress of this nation, regardless of the status of the teacher working in public or private institutions, tenured/honorary, or other comparisons. , so that they feel well-being and security, both guaranteed in terms of health, wages/salaries, training/certification, justice and the like.

So that teachers, when fulfilling their roles, duties and responsibilities as teaching staff and educators, can focus on providing the best services to their students, so that the interaction of children and teachers also has a more intense delimitation, and students can learn easily and comfortably.


The salary received by a teacher varies greatly, although there is a government regulation that states that every teacher must receive a salary with a lower limit according to the law.

However, in reality, each school has its own funds apart from the Government funds which may not be enough to support the teachers themselves.

This should be re-analyzed in relation to the financial cash flow of each school, especially for schools where most of the budget comes from the government, including private schools which, although they have their own budget, contribute to the welfare of their teachers to create harmony. among teachers all over the country. Dear Indonesia.