Easy Tips and Ways to Protect Flashdisk from Virus Threats Without Software (Guaranteed Immunity)
Easy Tips and Ways to Protect Flashdisk from Virus Threats Without Software (Guaranteed Immunity)

Easy Tips and Ways to Protect Flashdisk from Virus Threats Without Software (Guaranteed Immunity)

duniacm.com – Easy Tips and Ways to Protect Flashdisk from Virus Threats Without Software (Guaranteed Immunity) – Every computer user should have a good understanding of what a flash drive is.

Most often I use it as an external medium for storing various types of data. Flash drives can store all types or extents of data such as videos, documents, songs, images, software and so on. Because it is easy to carry everywhere and when stored does not require special space, now not only computer users usually use flash drives. Today, many audio and video players are equipped with a USB jack, so as media you can use a flash drive instead of cutting a CD/DVD.

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With the development of technology, the capacity of flash drives continues to increase. When it first appears, the Flashdisk has a capacity of only megabytes (mb). However, nowadays there are many flash drives that have a capacity of gigabytes (gb), although it is not wrong that there are flash drives that have a capacity of tera bytes (tb). Wooow what capacity! With a flash drive with a capacity of 64 GB we can store hundreds or even thousands of audio formats. mp3. What’s even better is that with such a large capacity, we can buy it at an affordable price, unlike the price of a flash drive 5 years ago which was quite expensive.

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We must know that this little thing is very vulnerable to infection with a virus. Yes, it is true that flash is very easy to catch viruses, especially if flash is installed often here and there, then it is very easy for viruses to land on it. You have to be careful with Flash vulnerability because of this virus. Don’t let big objects (CPU) be defeated by objects as small as Flash. Computers or laptops can be infected with viruses carried by flash drives. Therefore, we need to increase the immunity of the Flashdisk so that it is not susceptible to diseases (viruses).

Here’s how to protect Flash from viruses without software

Why is Flash so easy to get a virus? The exact reason I do not know, but the obvious truth is that. The way the virus works to get into the Flashdisk is that the virus will automatically create a folder called autorun.inf. When the Flashdisk is connected to a USB computer/laptop that has a virus, it will automatically transmit the disease to the Flashdisk. The parent virus will automatically reside in the autorun.inf folder in the flash, which will then spread the disease to other Windows computers/laptops.

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As already mentioned in the title of this article, if we modify the Flashdisk to make it more immune to viruses without using software. To simply protect the Flashdisk from viruses, we don’t need to use any other software. Enough with the Windows operating system we can make a flash drive that is immune to virus infection.

Perform the following steps to make your flash drive immune to viruses. And remember when practicing this method, try to keep your computer/laptop virus free.

  • Connect the flash drive to your computer/laptop USB and make sure the flash drive is also virus free. You can first scan the flash drive using updated AntiVirus;
  • Create a folder on the flash drive and name it inf. See How to create a folder on your computer if you don’t know how;
  • Open the new folder created earlier (autorun.inf folder), then create a Notepad file and name it anything, for example txt. To create a Notepad file, you can right-click on the desktop and then click Select new, then text document;
  • Rename the file created by Notepad (immune.txt) with a unique font. To create these unique letters, you can use the Character Map program, a built-in Windows application. To enable the Character Map application, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map. Create unique fonts with fonts that end in Unicode, i.e. Unicode. Arial Unicode then copy and paste into Notepad filename (rename);
  • Flash ready to use

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Now in the Flash Drive there is a new folder with autorun.inf and in the autorun.inf folder you saved a Notepad file with a unique name. Leave the Notepad file empty and then you can save the data outside the autorun.inf folder.