Dragon Husband Episode 1487 Part 1
Dragon Husband Episode 1487 Part 1

Dragon Husband Episode 1487 Part 1

Informasi-Media.com – Husband of the Dragon Episode 1487 Part 1 Welcome back friends wherever you are, how are you doing today? I hope you are always healthy. Come back with us as we discuss various interesting facts from other parts of the world.

On this occasion, we will discuss the world of the novel titled Dragon Husband. I haven’t updated the novel in a long time.

Reading novels is indeed a very enjoyable leisure activity. The long story makes all readers curious.

Okay, without further ado, let’s look at the story plot of the novel Dragon Husband Episode 1487 Part 1 below.


The novel Dragon Husband 1487 Part 1

William looked at Wenren in surprise.

At this moment, Wen’s charm seems to be a bit big and it is hard to resist.

What do you want to say? William asked, lowering his head.

Wen Lentin Singh broke Billian’s head again and the two finally looked at each other.

“Bilia, listen to me.” Wen Renqing was more serious than before.

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William nodded.

“William, I may not know other people’s characters, but I don’t know yours very well. Between me and Feng Snow, what is hesitating? I’m not like you,” Wen Renxin said.

William opened his mouth and was speechless.

“So, you really have a choice in your heart, but are you afraid of my death?” Wenren said with a heart that broke Bilam’s heart.

William hesitated for a moment, but still nodded.

He really wanted to take root from his grandmother.

However, such a thing was not necessary.

Bilam believed that in order to change his life with his talent and effort, he did not need to spend much time practicing and studying Chapter 9 of the “Classics of Eternal Medicine”.

But before William there was a love life.

This was an obstacle he could not overcome.

Wen Renqing smiled again and said, “I think you are a very intelligent person and you can’t sit still.” I’ll help you with another stroke.

Wen-in falls in love. Her clothes were a mess, but it would only make people feel so beautiful in the world.

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At first he said mercilessly, “No peach blossom, but it looks too ugly here.”

Willian also complained in his heart: “when the peach blossoms bloom, you are too ugly for me.”

“Let me ask first, what does it mean to point to the heart?” Wen Renkin asked.

“It follows the choices made in your mind,” replied William.

“This is not enough. This is the first prerequisite. Those who know my grandmother settled here. But I know that if you violate your inner choices, you violate the word “zisin”. You cannot easily ignore the power of these two words.” Wen Renxin said.

Roman Baca Dragon Husband Sub Indo

William said, “Of course I know.”

“Let me ask you again, how important are wind and snow in your heart?” According to my grandmother, if two people are separated by mountains and sea, they will never meet again in life, please leave me alone. Wen asked excitedly.

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Vivian’s heart seemed to tighten as if she had fallen into a situation set by Madam Peach Blossom.

As it is now.

I am separated from Feng Shui and I don’t know when and where I can meet again.

But so what!

Yes, so what!

Love For Feng Shui cannot stop at these mountains and seas!

Love for Feng Shui is bigger than the mountains and the sea.

Passion flows from William’s heart.

His eyes have become sharper than before!

“Lovers are on the other side of the mountain and the sea, on the other side of the mountain and the sea.”

“Everything is flat!”

Bilam uttered these words faintly, and for a time his impulse reached its height.

Looking at the extraordinary mage, Wen Ren’s heart expression disappeared for a while.

But I feel deep in my heart, slowly filled with traces of sadness and sadness.


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