Download Link GB WhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version 2022 Anti Ads Plus
Download Link GB WhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version 2022 Anti Ads Plus

Download Link GB WhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version 2022 Anti Ads Plus

Download GB WhatsApp Pro Latest APK 2021, MOD version can view status privately by others.

If you are looking for the WhatsApp version of the official GBWA app, of course you are in the right place.

Because at we offer various mod versions of apps that you won’t find on Google Playstore.

And right now we are going to discuss about one of the most popular apps among Android users namely Apps GBWhatsApp .

However, do you already know the type of WhatsApp version of GBWA? Or do you already have it but want to find the latest version again?

Well, here admin will discuss all the questions you need to know, so don’t go anywhere, stay on our site and enjoy reading.

WhatsApp GB APK Pro MOD

WhatsApp GB

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WhatsApp GB or GBWhatsApp is one of the best mods that provide you unique amazing features.

I noticed one thing about this app is that it provides the fastest Novel features and for each of its updates.

That’s why many people are waiting for the latest version for GBWhatsApp APK to explore the updated features.

The UI is almost the same as the official version, but their side will eventually change your user style.

Many themes are developed for this GBWA to change the look of using WhatsApp.

In fact, most themes are developed by their users.

This GBWhatsApp APK is developed by Atnfas Hoaks of GB Mods and is very good at modding apps.

And if you want to have a WhatsApp Theme iPhone app with iPhone-like appearance, you can see reviews and get the app on our website here.

Features of GB WhatsApp Pro APK

Below are some of the features that are available for free use.

There is no limit to enable each option on this GBWA. Completely free to use.

Check out all the best features and functions below.


GBWA comes with great privacy options that are not available in the official WA version.

In my opinion, they can’t introduce such features in the future either.

From this feature, you can hide the list below for groups and contacts, and this is very important for many users. Including the following:

  • Hide online status
  • Hide the blue bugs
  • Hide the second tick
  • Hide writing status
  • Hide record
  • Hide the blue microphone
  • Hide the view state


Everyone loves homework, right? Yes, GBWA comes with many themes.

You can even create themes and submit them to developers.

It will be uploaded to the theme server. Don’t expect money or anything from developers for contributions.

What you need is; download GBThemes Apk from GBWA and install it to open GBThemes section.

Now you can select your desired theme from the directory.

Menu >> GB Settings >> Theme Download


They are enough to give GBWA a new look, but do we really need customization?

I think so. This will help us customize every part of the app.

So we can get the desired look.

Here is a list of what we can do with this feature.

  • Conversion screen
  • Home screen / Chats
  • Pop-up notification
  • Widget
  • Launcher icon
  • Check the style
  • Ikon Notifybar
  • Dark theme for settings

Menu >> GB Settings >> Display

Automatic reply message

One of the useful feature that can easily send Reply to any contact.

What you need to do is; Set the desired message text in the auto reply field.

It will automatically send a text to someone trying to contact you.

Even you can use this feature on official WhatsApp with third-party apps (mostly available on Playstore),
but in this app, it is already pre-created.

Menu >> GB Settings >> Auto Reply Message >> Plus Button >> Toggle Button.

Media sharing

This feature is to increase your image, video and audio sharing options. From that,

You will get some decent mods which are only available in this kind of APPS.

Here is the list you will get from this.

  • It can send videos up to 50 MB
  • Submit the image in full resolution
  • It can send audio up to 100MB
  • Able to post full resolution image as status
  • Can increase status video limit (7 minutes)

Menu >> GB Settings >> Display >> Media Sharing

More MOD features

Anti-Ban: Now, Anti-Ban Code is added in the latest version. You don’t have to worry at all.

Key: You can add a password lock to protect your chat secret from others.

This will help prevent accidental opening by friends or family members.

Video player: You can opt for a third-party video player such as MX Player Pro.

Turn off voice call: If you don’t want to receive calls from your contacts, then this is the right solution for you.

Always online: You’ll stay online even if the screen is off.

Specific block for chat: You can find out when you open the menu from the chat screen

DND (Do Not Disturb): By enabling this option gbwhatsapp will not accept internet connection.

Group Broadcast – Send broadcast messages to multiple groups at once (removed)

How to install GB WA

  1. Before, make sure to backup your app data first as this is not a cloned version to avoid losing your message data. opening whatsapp> Settings > Chats > Backup.
  2. Download the app first
  3. Then Open Settings > Security > Unknown Source > Enable.
  4. Go to the folder where File Apk that was downloaded in the file manager, usually located in the (storage internal > Unload).
  5. Then click on the application and install the apk.
  6. Then sign in using your phone number
  7. If you previously backed up your messages, you can first back up,
  8. then fill in your name and profile picture
  9. Completed

Download GB WhatsApp Pro (MOD) Latest Full Features 2021

Name WhatsApp GB
Version The most recent
last update 2021
size 50MB
Requires Android version 4.4
Batch com.gbwa
Developer JiMods

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End of words

GB WhatsApp Pro is an alternative for us to experience the look and features of the WA app which are different from the official version of the app, we have been using it for quite some time and it is very interesting to try. Thanks.