Download GB Whatsapp Pro Mod Apk No Ads & Anti Banned 2022 Terbaru
Download GB Whatsapp Pro Mod Apk No Ads & Anti Banned 2022 Terbaru

Download GB Whatsapp Pro Mod Apk No Ads & Anti Banned 2022 Terbaru

Of course, you still don’t know about GB Whatsapp or what is called GBWA, a feature rich mod app.

This very popular app is in high demand and widely used by teenagers and adults.

And this app is very popular all over the world who want WhatsApp app to have more features and still look cool.

In general, this app is the same as regular wa, but with many features and appearance that many people like.

If you are looking for the latest version of GBwa app, go ahead. You can download it from Next

GB Whatsapp Apk Mod Pro

GB Whatsapp Apk Pro

GB Whatsapp Apk Mod Pro is a modified WhatsApp app with additional features like display changes.

This wamod app was famous long before many people used WhatsApp on Droid phones.

And this term is used more often by teenagers and people who want to keep their privacy more secure.

And our friends use this wagb app rather than the usual wa.

That’s because there are some interesting features that users crave in their daily communication.

Below you can see some of its features.

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Features of GB WhatsApp Apk Mod Pro

Send messages without saving contacts

For those who only like to text strangers once in a while. This feature eliminates the need to save contacts first.

Read Deleted Messages

The first is the message deletion prevention feature. This usually happens when someone sends you a message. However, it will be deleted soon

And with this feature, you can read messages even if they have been deleted without the sender knowing.

Download People Status

For those who often follow friends’ stories, this function is used to upload interesting statuses directly to the gallery.

There are many fonts

You have cool fonts And there are many cool things you can try to make your text more unique and cool.

Change the layout/theme

There are many theme options that can change the look of WhatsApp GB to be more colorful and attractive without boring you.

Hide online status

There is also a function When you chat with this GBWA, “Hide online status” does not appear on the network.

Whatsapp airplane mode

WhatsApp airplane mode feature allows you to disable data plan only in gbwa app without setting any settings.

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Transfer unlimited files

For those who want to send files like photos and videos with this feature. You can send files of any size without fear of being limited.

Double account

You can use multiple accounts simultaneously in one application. So you don’t need a cloned app.

Scheduled message

There is also a scheduled message feature for those who like punctuality. You can also send messages when you set it up yourself.

Automatic reply

For busy people and online store entrepreneurs. This feature is very useful. So if a message comes in, this app will automatically reply with a message that you can set.

Anti Banned

Actually, the most worrying thing about this wa app is the ban account, but this wa gb has a ban feature so you can use it comfortably.

App update

This wamod app is constantly updated. Also, you don’t need to download the app again to update it. Because everything is done automatically. Of course it is very easy.

Free Download Latest GB Whatsapp Pro Anti Ads & Anti Banned Apk

download the latest gb whatsapp pro

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The name of the application GB Whatsapp
Version Latest v14.21.0
File size 39.2 MB
Update February 2022
OS support Android 5+
Download link Here

How is it installed?

The installation method is very easy. However, first you need to download the apk from the above link.

Then do the following:

  • Find the downloaded apk file.
  • Click on apk and select install.
  • If you see a security notification asking you to install an app from an unknown source, indicate that you want to allow it
  • Continue to the end

If you have the original whatsapp it is a cloned version and you don’t need to delete it. So there is WhatsApp version 2.

However, if you just want to use this apk, you can backup your old WhatsApp data and transfer it to this file.

Is WAGB safe?

So far with a few months of use. The problem does not appear. And all is well. So you can use this app for free on Android.


So this is the full review according to which the admin has explained in detail along with the download link for you to try.

So please download and feel free to try it, thanks.