Download Drama Korea X in Crisis Subtitle Indonesia
Download Drama Korea X in Crisis Subtitle Indonesia

Download Drama Korea X in Crisis Subtitle Indonesia

Drakor MovieX of the Crisis shared new photos of Sung Dong Il and Kwon Sang Woo!

Based on a book called ‘It Hurts because I’m a Middle-aged Man’ (literal title), the upcoming original drama ‘X of Crisis’ is a disaster comedy about the unhappy life of ‘Mr. A.” As he held out to improve his life, he faced a combination of falling stocks, rising housing prices and the danger of suddenly resigning. Although he prided himself on making it in life, he took a direct hit from the passage of time and headed down in life.

Kwon Sang Woo will play the role of an ordinary middle-aged man, Mr. a, who thought his life was going nowhere only to find out he was already in a state of decline. Mr. A graduated from a prestigious university and joined a large company, but went from rich to poor after experiencing the ups and downs of time travel.

Sung Dong Il will play Heo Joon, the environmental doctor. He always struggles with his patients in a nonchalant and jaded manner, but he cares more than anyone else. Although he confused the Master with his painful honest words, he did not refrain from giving him warm advice.

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The recently released photos surprise Mr. a with his “life mentor” Heo Joon. Like Kwon Sang Woo and Sung Dong Il, who previously starred in “The Accidental Detective,” viewers can look forward to seeing their new and improved synergies. Since both actors are no strangers to the comedy genre, they are sure to make for a funny and interesting relationship.

Just when Mr. Convinced that she is leading a successful life, she actually begins to fall in life and meets her life mentor Heo Joon, who only offers the bitter truth. While the gentleman has fallen into a deep slump, a happy Heo Joon appears in his life to provide protection and a new outlook on life.

Whenever Mr. aa had difficulties, Heo Joon was always by his side. Somehow, the two end up being “check-up buddies,” finding themselves in matching hospital gowns while waiting for their medical check-ups. Mr. A looks sad and weak, but Heo Joon stands firm and looks at him with a piercing gaze, as if ready to call him out.

Heo Joon is definitely a man of many surprises as he also meets Mr. A who is wearing an unusual outfit with sunglasses and a stylish leather jacket. Viewers can look forward to how Heo Joon uses his supercar as an unconventional method to help Mr. A.

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Regarding Heo Joon, who is cold and rude but warm and caring inside, Sung Dong Il commented, “Heo Joon is like your neighbor hyung as well as a friend. [Drama] it contains little stories that can happen around us with our neighbors, brothers, fathers and uncles. This is a drama you can enjoy without worry.”

The actors talked about their synergy with Kwon Sang Woo sharing, “Sung Dong Il is a hyung who is like family and my soulmate. I am very happy that we could work together on this project.” Sung Dong Il added, “Kwon Sang Woo is like a neighborhood friend and we have a comfortable relationship. I think our synergy came when we said our lines back and forth. “

“X of Crisis” will premiere on September 2.

Synopsis Drama Korea X in Crisis (2022)

Yoon (Kwon Sang-Woo) graduated from a prestigious university and works at a large company. He thought he would live his life as a successful person, but now he was an ordinary middle-aged man on the verge of bankruptcy. He is a good person and sometimes he likes to show off. He has a wife (Lim Se-Mi), who dreams of working as a popular web novelist. She gave him positive energy, but sometimes he would explode with anger at her.

Meanwhile, Heo Joon (Sung Dong-Il) is a doctor at a neighborhood clinic. He always looks tired and seems indifferent to people, but he has a warm heart and gives advice to people from the bottom of his heart.

Details Drakor X in Crisis

Drama: X in Crisis (literal title)
Revised Romanization: Wigiui X
English: X in crisis
Director: Kim Jung-hoon
Author: Kwak Kyung-Yoon
Network: Wave
Episode: 6
Release date: September 2, 2022 —
Show time: Friday
Korean language
Country: South Korea

Playlist X in Crisis

Kwon Sang-Woo as Yoon
Lim Se-Mi as Yoon’s wife
Sung Dong-Il as Heo Joon
Lee Yi-Kyung as Woo-Jin
Shin Hyun-Soo as Andy Jung
Park Jin-Joo as Assistant Manager Kim
Ryu Yeon-Seok as Seok-Ho
Kim Sung-Oh as Seung-Il
Kim Ki-Bang as Myung-Soo
Kim Han-Joon as Sung-Wook

Drama Korea X in Crisis Subtitle Indonesia

It airs from September 2