Download Bellara Vip Apk Mod Menu Diamond FF Latest 2022
Download Bellara Vip Apk Mod Menu Diamond FF Latest 2022

Download Bellara Vip Apk Mod Menu Diamond FF Latest 2022

Bellara Vip Apk – The world of games as well as technology is developing from time to time. There are also various genres in the game, we can choose according to the interests we want.

In a time when the game did not develop as it is today, the game requires a special place and with certain tools. What is so popular is playing games using PS or Nintendo. But now the game can be tight and can be played at any time.

The game that is loved by many circles today is Free Fire. With the current Free Fire game, players bring a new atmosphere. With the free fire game, it makes the atmosphere more beautiful and bright.

It seems that this game gives great pleasure to those who play it. Garena’s party is able to make players addicted because of the many interesting and challenging events, of course.

Gerena always has a way to provide usable free and premium items. Share items that are obtained for free, but of course it is limited. Many people suggest using Bellara app which can make winning this game easier. If you’re curious, let’s take a look at our review, shall we?

Bellara VIP Apk Review

Bellara Vip Apk is an app that is definitely very useful or even much sought after by gamers. This app is a mod or mod for battle royal FF or Free Fire game that allows players to win more easily. You could say that this app is same as a game cheat app, the only difference is that Bellara Vip Apk mods the free fire game directly.

It can be said that the security system in Free Fire game is quite strict. But the tightly implemented security system by Garena does not rule out the possibility that apps like Bellara can enter and be used because the Bellara Vip Apk article is able to penetrate the security system that has been implemented.

By using Bellara Vip Apk Mod Menu FF, you can use the various mods provided. These various types of changes will of course make it easier for you to win the match.

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This Bellara Vip FF Apk displays its features in the main menu of the game and you can choose which features you want to use or enable and which features you want to remove.

How to enable the feature is also quite easy, we are sure you can change it. If you want to try to download Bellara Vip Apk app, we recommend you not to use it too often. This can make the atmosphere of the game even more boring. For more details, we will review Bellara Vip Apk below.

Bellara VIP Mod Apk Features and Benefits

Bellara VIP Mod Apk Features and Benefits

There are several features and advantages in Bellara VIP app, you can use this feature to cheat Bellara FF apk auto headshot, unlimited diamonds and so on. For that, to understand and understand the features of Bellara VIP APK Diamond, you can check the advantages as follows.

1. Automatic capture

This feature is the most important first feature. In this Bellara Vip Mod Apk, this feature can easily aim the weapons at the enemy’s head. The thing that the players have to do is just to press the bullet button so that the gun is automatically aimed at the player’s head with the system in this Bellara Vip Mod Apk. With the addition of other features such as No Recoil, the process of executing opponents becomes faster and easier.

2. Anti Ban

Bellara Vip Apk, of course, has thought deeply about the consequences that will be received by the players. So no need to login using an account, the game will run safely and no need to worry about getting banned

3. Aim Zoom

This feature can also make it easier for you because the target zoom function can automatically zoom in on enemies or targets that have become shooting targets and this makes it very easy to execute opponents.

4. Aim Spot

Being a big challenge in the battle royale game is how to find the presence of the enemy and then execute them. Currently, other players have the ability to hide very well, but using this Bellara Vip Apk enemy position can be detected automatically. You will see an orange line connecting the player and the enemy. This convenience is definitely the way to victory.

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5. No recoil

It takes a good strategy to be able to defeat the enemy, firing tricks that are careful and not in a hurry, so that you can hit the target shot. This feature will surely make it easier for you because in this Recoil feature there is no hassle when shooting. Therefore, the execution of the opponent will be easier.

6. Ghost mode

When you are in a match, running out of ammo or you don’t even have a gun, then you can take advantage of this feature. Ghost mode or ghost mode that can make you invisible. This helps you disappear from enemy sight. In an urgent situation, you can use this function to avoid enemy attacks.

7. No account login

Quite a practical feature as you don’t need to bother to log in using your account if you want to enter the cheats menu at any time which has been provided by this Bellara Apk. So you don’t have to worry if you get penalized.

Above are some of the features that you can use to play free fire games and can make it easier for you to win. Next we will give an explanation related to how to download this Bellara Vip Apk.

Download Bellara VIP Apk Diamond FF

Download Bellara VIP Apk Diamond FF

If you are curious about this Bellara Vip Free Fire and want to feel the victory, then we have provided several versions for you to download. I have provided two files namely application and obb. To apply, click on the link below:

While for obb you can get it from the following link

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”Download” ]

This Bellara app updates quite often, here we will also provide you with the latest version.

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”Bellara Vip” ]

Cara Install Bellara VIP Mod Apk

the mobile app is really very easy but to install the app module it needs high precision to be successful and the app can be run successfully. Here we will explain how to install Bellara Vip Mod Apk:

  1. The first step you need to take is to download it from the link we provided above.
  2. Make sure you already have the Free Fire game on your mobile before installing it
  3. Then use File Manager, you can use ES Explorer and others.
  4. Open the OBB data belonging to free fire then don’t forget to rename and add number 1.
  5. Don’t forget to modify the “data” file.
  6. The next step is to uninstall the Free Fire Original app, then install the downloaded mod apk file.
  7. Then repeat the third step and remove the number 1 as before renaming.
  8. Remember that the OBB and the two arrivals must be changed to what they were
  9. If so, all you need to do is open the free fire app and login using the username and password “Bellara”
  10. Next ready! You can play this free fire game using many cheat features.

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Cara Cheat Bellara VIP FF Auto Headshot

Cara Cheat Bellara VIP FF Auto Headshot

Currently there are many FF cheats apart from Bellara VIP apk that say they can do headshots. Be it by deploying a script or other ways. But it’s no longer a secret that not all of these apps can work well.

How do I do a headshot? Using Bellara Vip Apk app you can easily take headshots as this feature is automatic.

Just open the game and there will be a menu you want to use. All kinds of facilities have been provided by Bellara Vip FF, this is definitely a way to win a match.

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The last word

If you want to feel the thrill that you have never felt while playing free fire games, you can try this app. But we advise you not to use it too often because something that is obtained instantly is not good. That’s all we can share this time, hope it’s helpful.