Download Alight Motion Pro Mod APK No Watermark 2022
Download Alight Motion Pro Mod APK No Watermark 2022

Download Alight Motion Pro Mod APK No Watermark 2022

Now editing animated videos can not only be done on a PC, you can do it on a smartphone with the Alight Motion Pro app.

The proliferation of various types of video or photo editing apps for the mobile version will make it very easy for those who like to edit because the editing process can be done anywhere and anytime.

Alight Motion Pro is an application developed by Alight Creative, Inc. which has some cool features like the ability to add layers, change fonts, add blur effects.

If you are interested in downloading this application, it would be good to know in advance what features it has that will revitalize discussed below.

Alight Motion Pro app

alight motion pro

Alight Motion Pro is an Android video editing app that is used to create motion pictures. This app is also equipped with a high-quality animation creation feature.

This application can make it easier for you to edit videos, adjust the color of visual effects, create motion graphics and add other elements such as audio, images, text and more.

The video results that have been edited with this application can also be exported to MP4 or GIF format.

You must know that this app consists of 2 versions, namely the pro version and the free version. To be able to use all these features, you need to use the pro version, which is quite expensive.

The Pro version of Alight Motion has advantages such as unlocking all premium features and watermark-free video editing results.

With this app, users can easily create movie templates.

However, if you don’t have the money to buy the pro version, you don’t have to worry. Because some developers have created Alight Motion Pro Mod APK and all features can be used for free.

Alight Motion Mod APK can run on Android based devices. With a size of only 15 MB and very capable of making high quality animated videos.

Features Alight Motion Pro Mod APK

Alight motion pro mod apk

Being the best video and photo editing app, Alight Motion app has interesting and exciting features.

The features we are going to explain are functions you can use to beautify the video you are about to edit.

It can also be tailored to your needs, so what features does it have? Please see the following reviews:

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Video and audio layers available

Users can compose common audio and video as they would any other video editing application.

One of them is to create multiple video and audio scenes to arrange them into one using this layer function.

Creating keyframe animation

Keyframe animation is a feature used to modify transitions in animated video display. This effect can make your video more static and also look sharper.

In addition, you can also give a frame view to the edited video and add motion animation effects to make the video much more interesting.

Visualizations like this can be quite complicated, especially for a beginner doing video editing projects.

But don’t worry, all you have to do is try editing video with the keyframe screen and you’ll get used to it.

A wide range of fonts

When editing an animated video, text is also an important element to add to the video.

This text is useful for providing a more detailed description and explanation of a video, such as displaying the title and other information.

When using the free version of the app, the available fonts are very limited. On the other hand, if you use the Pro version of Alight Motion, you can freely choose various fonts that are varied and ready to use.

Alight Motion Pro app offers a wide variety of popular fonts, most of which are used to create beautiful images and videos.

If you can’t find the font you want, this Pro version also provides a function to import fonts from external sources.

Importing fonts from outside of Alight Motion Pro is also easy as this app has a very large font library with many favorite font options. To insert external fonts, click the “Import Font” button.

Color adjustment available Pentangian

This feature allows you to create videos by adding color effects to the sides of the edited video.

This will give all parts of the video a customizable color to your liking.

If you have trouble with manual adjustments, the app can also make color adjustments automatically. So you don’t have to worry about determining a balanced color effect or not.

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Easy video mixing process

For the next feature, you can quickly and easily combine multiple videos into one video with the video blending feature.

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If you use other video editing applications, it will be difficult to combine multiple videos because the process is quite long.

However, if you use Alight Motion Pro Mod APK, you don’t have to wait long to combine multiple videos into one video.

Full display of visual effects

You can add great visual effects to your edited videos and these effects will enhance your editing results to look like a pro.

Various types of visual effects are available in Alight Motion Pro Mod APK version including:

  • Jedag-Jedug slow motion effect filter.
  • Blur or blur effect.
  • Different types of text styles or fonts.
  • Wallpapers like real.

Later in this pro version, the available visual effects will be added automatically every time the developer updated the app.

So you no longer have to think about which visual effects are great to use and which are suitable for your videos.

Supports preset XML and XMP

For those of you who want to make the break video more popular, there are several video templates that you can include in your video editing process.

Jedag Jedug’s videos on Tiktok app and Instagram often go viral. A video application that can do these edits is Alight Motion Pro with 5MB preset support.

No watermark

The interesting thing about the Pro version of Alight Motion that you can download here is that this application allows every user to edit videos without being bothered by the presence of a watermark that greatly interferes with the video editing results.

When we use the free version, the edited video will have a watermark on the video that says “Alight Motion”.

But it will be different when you use the pro version where the video results will not have any writing or logo from the app.

No ads

Almost every app or game nowadays displays a lot of ads which of course can be annoying when using the app.

Ads are usually installed or displayed as additional revenue for app developers.

However, if you use the pro version of the app that we offer, the annoying ads will automatically disappear and never appear again.

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Export files with all formats

Once you’re done creating your desired video, the Pro version of Alight Motion offers more options to export it to different formats.

In addition to exporting, you can also share files created with smartphone devices using Bluetooth and share via email.

At least there are several main options for exporting files, namely GIF, PNG, DAT, 3GP, AVI, MP4, MPG, WEBM and MKV video formats.

So, these are some of the great features of Alight Motion Pro Mod APK, if you are interested in downloading the app, please download it from the link below.

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Download Alight Motion Pro APK

download alight motion pro

After you know and understand what Alight Motion Pro Mod APK is and its superior features.

Here we have also provided specifications and links to download them.

The name of the application Alight Motion Pro
Version 3.10.2
Developer Alight Creative, Inc.
APK file size 28MB
Operating system Android 6.0+ (Marshmallow)

Please download Alight Motion Pro Mod APK without watermark latest version 2021 for free by clicking “here”.

How to install Alight Motion Mod APK

After downloading the Pro version of Alight Motion from the link above, you will need to install it first to use this application.

Learn how to install and use Alight Motion Mod APK below:

  1. First, download the app by pressing the “Here” button that we have provided in the above link.
  2. Then open the menu “settings“on the smartphone you have.
  3. Then click on the menu “Additional settings” then return to menu “Privacy” and click or enable “Unknown sources“.
  4. Wait for the application download process to complete.
  5. If so, click on “File manager“and click menu”Downloads” and select “Alight Motion Pro app“.
  6. Click on “Installation” at the bottom right and wait for the installation process to complete.


Alight Motion Pro Mod APK is a video editing app especially for mobile devices that allows users to create animated videos with professional effects.

With the various features provided, you can freely create your best work using only Android and Iphone smartphones.

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If you have tried it and you are not very good at video editing, keep learning until your video editing results are like the work of a professional editor.