Don’t be proud to take your child on holiday for “bonding”, but the child is actually stressed!
Don’t be proud to take your child on holiday for “bonding”, but the child is actually stressed!

Don’t be proud to take your child on holiday for “bonding”, but the child is actually stressed!

Take your children on holiday, perhaps some parents think this is the best ‘bond’ to bring the family together. Maybe yes and maybe not for every family.

Don’t think that taking kids on vacation is a success for bonding parents. Wrong day of the month, can “spoil” the mood with angry children, agitated parents and so on.

You want to bond with your kids, even at home. But mom and dad need to know how to close the family relationship. This share from Dr. Kamarul Ariffin Nor Sadan can be applied at home.

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“Kelam Kabut” mom and dad take care of children during vacation, this is a beautiful memory to remember

Take the kids on vacation, don’t stress

Mom and Dad, do you know that taking the kids on vacation won’t necessarily strengthen the “bond” between us and the kids?

Many parents believe that taking their children for walks will DEFINITELY strengthen the friendship and family bond with the children.
Not necessarily.

Sometimes when we go on vacation, the kids will be stressed and in some situations it can even cause them to be unhappy with us.
An example of a holiday that does not bring family members closer together.

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Before the trip, the mother is busy managing the items to be brought.

The children asked to bring this, then the mother told the children not to be busy.

During the trip, the father crossed his eyes while driving. The wife is sleeping because of tiredness. Children are told to go to bed or given phones to watch YouTube.

At the destination, the children were jumping and running excitedly. The father is angry with his son for not standing still. The child is pulled by the father to the destination.

When they eat, children eat with appetite, but they are messy and dirty. The mother is angry with the children for dirtying their clothes.

Then the main agenda of this family vacation is to take beautiful pictures so they can be shared on social media. Children are told to dress like this.

If the holiday is 2-3 days, it is repeated two or three times.

Finally, the vacation was over and they returned home.

A stressful holiday

Parents are also proud, believing they have successfully bonded with their children. While the opposite happens.

Holidays like this actually bring stress to children. They are forbidden, hurried, directed, enraged. Their emotions will be disturbed.

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In fact, it causes stress to parents as well. Surely, after returning from vacation, mom and dad will feel tired and lethargic. You don’t feel fresh and motivated.

So what is the right way to bond children?

If you want to build “bonds”, the most important thing is communication between parents and children. Among the ways to apply good communication between family members, of course, are:

Ask the children to teach us something they know, then we teach them something (correcting mistakes)

Ask them to tell you about things they like, then we tell you something we like (advise them)

Play together with games they like, then get them to do things we like (grooming, etc.)

Letting them choose something, then we choose something. If there is a contradiction, then find common ground.

Thank them when they help, apologize when we’re wrong, celebrate when they succeed and succeed.

Involve them in the discussion and planning of family activities such as holidays, decorating the house and so on.

Read interesting story books and answer their questions about the story. Then ask what they understand about the story.
and more.

Women’s Weekly: There’s no denying that taking the kids on vacation will give them pleasure, sometimes their excitement is beyond our control. Just celebrate. You don’t have to stress.

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Source: Dr Kamarul Ariffin Nor Sadan

Don't be proud to take your child on holiday for


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