Don’t be busy pleasing people, be happy and please yourself first!
Don’t be busy pleasing people, be happy and please yourself first!

Don’t be busy pleasing people, be happy and please yourself first!

We cannot please people. No matter what, if people don’t like us, they will still look at us “differently”. After that, we are the ones who suffer and languish.

Remind me how to please people, able to make us happy. Apparently wrong. It is not enough to feel happy. Sometimes when we do that, we don’t remember at all.

So come on, make yourself happy. Not to be important, but we have the right to get it.

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Happy that we “hide” a little, we don’t have to show too much, afraid to feel a ripple

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Satisfy people’s hearts Not sure, find your own happiness

Happiness is within us. Why wait for others to make us happy? While we ourselves are capable of making ourselves happy. As long as we believe in GOD’s destiny.

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As long as we are satisfied with His provisions. We will get the happiness we want. Life is a choice, whatever makes us sad, let it go. Whatever makes us smile, keep it.

Being at peace with yourself is better than forcing others to understand. Learn to forgive yourself to heal the wounds of the heart and reconcile the soul.

We have a right to be happy, don’t let our happiness be determined by others. Don’t be so busy pleasing others that you forget to please yourself. In life, people will never stop letting us down. But stay happy by learning to forgive and forget.

Happiness is within us, never expect others to give us happiness. Sometimes we need to take care of ourselves. Put yourself first. Make yourself happy.

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Don’t look down on yourself

Take care of our own hearts, realize that others will not do it for us. The best revenge is to make ourselves better. It’s up to people to underestimate our abilities. Important! We don’t look down on ourselves.

Make all of this a stepping stone for us to jump higher. Show them we can! we can! The most important thing in life that makes us happy is gratitude.

We thank God for all the blessings given. The pleasure of health, the pleasure of leisure, worship, the pleasure of maintenance and all the blessings we receive.

Why do you have to be busy trying to please people? We are not angels. Either way, he still won’t be satisfied. We will not be able to satisfy the people.

Our job is not to please people, but enough to not hurt anyone’s heart. So, be yourself in any situation. No one can make us happy but ourselves. If we are too good, we will be trampled.

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Do good to each other, take care of it. God knows. Be happy first, become what we want to be. If someone doesn’t like it, let them. Happiness is a choice. Life is not about pleasing people.

Source: We are willing to suffer for the happiness of others. No need, take care of yourself first. We can help difficult people, but if we are difficulties, people want to help. Think for yourself.

Source: Rohana Saad

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