Damian Lillard told his mom to quit her job after signing his first NBA contract
Damian Lillard told his mom to quit her job after signing his first NBA contract

Damian Lillard told his mom to quit her job after signing his first NBA contract

  • Damian Lillard says he immediately told his mother to quit her job when he signed his $13 million contract.
  • Lillard went to work and helped her pack her desk.
  • Lillard now has $191 million in career earnings and has created a “generational force” to support his family.

As soon as he could, Damian Lillard told his mother to quit her job.

Speaking to ESPN’s Marc J. Spears on “Andscape,” Lillard said that when he signed his first NBA contract in 2012 — a four-year, $13.8 million deal — he went to work to help his mother. to leave.

“The first thing I did was, OK, I’m a millionaire now so I went to my mom’s job and I was like, ‘Stop it,'” Lillard told Spears. “I actually went and helped her pack up her desk, everything. ‘They didn’t do it right. They put every little thing on your ass. We’re not going back.’ So that was just my initial idea.”

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Lillard did not specify what his mother, Gina Johnson, did for a living. However, he said that during his senior year at Weber State, she was “struggling” and living with her sister in San Leandro, California. Lillard said he would try to pick it up during the phone conversation, telling him he would have it ready soon.

“We would talk on the phone at least every other day. And she would tell me how sick she was. They were in her production. They basically threatened to fire her,” he recalled. “She was stressed and struggling with her health work. She was constantly saying things like, ‘The [Boston] The Celtics were at practice today. The [Utah] Jazz was training today.’ I was trying to cheer them up.

Lillard was drafted sixth overall by the Portland Trail Blazers. When he signed his contract, he went to his mother’s job to help him quit.

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“When I was finally prepared and everything was beautiful, I came home and we actually went to work in San Ramon. We came in and everyone knew that I was ready now. Stop! I’m sorry. let’s go!’

Damian Lillard smiles while sitting on the podium on draft night in 2012.

Damian Lillard on draft night 2012.

Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images

In an interview with “Moms-Side Moms” in 2020, Johnson said that she and most of her family moved to Portland Lillard from California.

Lillard has spoken frequently about his upbringing in a violent neighborhood in Oakland. He told ESPN in 2010, while still at Weber State, that he chose to go to the Utah-based school, in part, to get out of Oakland.

Now, as Lillard told Spears, he’s built a “generation of strength” to support his family for years to come.

Lillard is on a four-year, $176 million contract. This offseason he signed a two-year, $122 million contract with the Blazers, the richest in NBA history.

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Lillard has already made $191 million in career earnings, and if he completes his extension, he will make half a billion in the NBA.

“I put in the time and the work, and I do things the right way with the right intentions,” Lillard told Spears. “And I put my family in a place where my kids didn’t have to pressure me to try to force them to be a great basketball player or to try to force them to be a great athlete.

“I do what I do to make them feel comfortable. Whatever you want to do, have fun, be happy… Then their children will have the same comfort based on how I carry myself where I am. Now I am . So, I can create that kind of impact, not only on my children, but on their children and their cousins ​​and my brother’s children.”

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