Cricket Egg Price Update Per Ounce & Kg – Price List & Tariff 2022
Cricket Egg Price Update Per Ounce & Kg – Price List & Tariff 2022

Cricket Egg Price Update Per Ounce & Kg – Price List & Tariff 2022

If you keep an animal, regardless of its type, then one thing that should not be forgotten is food. Because feed is a source of material and energy to support animal survival and growth.[1] Well, if what you are keeping happens to be birds, one of the feeds that you can offer are cricket eggs. You can get this product at a number of pet markets or online buying and selling sites at varying prices depending on the packaging.

Illustration: Cricket Eggs (Credit: Lazada)
Illustration: Cricket Eggs (Credit: Lazada)

Feed is said to have a direct effect on animal reproduction. Feed provides a supply of several nutrients necessary to improve the condition of the animal’s body, the development of oocytes and spermatozoa, the process of ovulation, fertilization, as well as the development and resistance of the embryo until birth.[2] Food can also have an indirect effect on animal reproduction, through the synthesis of reproductive hormones that are very important in regulating the reproduction process.

As mentioned above, if you happen to keep birds, one of the foods you can offer them is cricket eggs. As you know, crickets are insects that have been cultivated for a long time for animal food purposes, especially for insect-eating animals, as they are said to contain Omega 9, Omega 6 and Omega 3 proteins.[3] Not only crickets, the eggs of these animals can also be used as food.

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Nowadays, it is not difficult to get cricket eggs. The reason is that you can already buy it from various pet food stores or through a number of online buying and selling sites. As it is claimed to be very nutritious, the price of cricket eggs cannot be considered cheap, even more expensive than the price of other bird food. If you don’t believe it, here is the price range for cricket eggs on the market.

Illustration: How to Raise Crickets (Credit: AnimalPedia)
Illustration: How to Raise Crickets (Credit: AnimalPedia)

The price of cricket eggs

Cricket egg packaging Price
Natural Cricket Eggs 1 oz 23,000 Rp
Natural cricket eggs 250 gr 41,000 Rp
Nature’s Cricket Eggs 5 oz 71,000 Rp
Cricket eggs Sliring Natural 500 gr 92,500 Rp
Packaging jar for cricket egg 1 kg 100,000 Rp
Natural cricket eggs 1 kg 147,000 Rp
Cricket eggs with honey 1 kg 210,000 Rp
Cricket eggs Super Nature 1 kg 244,000 Rp
Cricket eggs Super Jumbo Sliring Natural 1 kg 250,600 Rp

We have summarized above the price of cricket eggs from various sources, including a number of domestic online buying and selling sites. You should know that the cricket eggs are not mandatory and can be changed at any time.

Compared to 2021, the price of cricket eggs in 2022 has increased. For example, 1 ounce of natural cricket eggs, which are priced at Rp. 20 thousand. in 2021, they will increase to 23 thousand Rp. in 2022. In addition, the price of cricket eggs at each seller may be different, even if the products offered are the same.

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Illustration of crickets (source:
Illustration of crickets (source:

How to keep crickets

With the price tending to be expensive, raising crickets for their eggs can be a profitable business opportunity. On a large scale, the price can reach hundreds of millions of rupees with relatively easy maintenance and market. In fact, buyers are said to come in person or breeders ship based on demand.

Of course, the first step in growing crickets is to prepare a cage, which is as much as possible in a cool and closed room. The cricket cage or box should be made in a cabinet-like shape that can be opened from the top, making it easy for you to collect the eggs. To be more secure, the cage should be provided with a base in the form of a table or shelf.

After the cage is ready, prepare the baby crickets. Some people prefer to use cricket seeds to get more eggs. Choose healthy and undamaged seeds so that the eggs produced are of good quality and worth selling. Be sure to put female to male crickets in a 10:2 ratio.

To sustain cricket egg production, you need to pay attention to the food you provide. You can give voer or instant food to female cricket chicks that are between 1 and 10 days old. You are free to choose the type of voer to use, including soy, brown rice, and soybean corn. They also provide foods such as sweet potatoes, vegetables, cassava and leaves, which crickets like.

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Crickets will usually lay eggs after five days of mating. How to spawn crickets, crickets in the wooden box are piled with feed in the form of bador leaves, which are larger and thicker than grass leaves in general. After that, a container filled with sand is stored on top. These cricket eggs are usually attached to the edge of the plastic container. To take the eggs, all the sand is contained in a bag and in the container the eggs are separated. After that moisten so that the eggs can be separated from the container.

[Update: Almas]

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