Complete set of trigonometric formulas with sample questions
Complete set of trigonometric formulas with sample questions

Complete set of trigonometric formulas with sample questions

Trigonometry formulas and example problems – Trigonometry is a very popular word in every subject of mathematics.

This is because this material is really the most difficult material compared to many other materials.

The reason is that there are many specific trigonometric formulas that you need to memorize in order to be able to answer trigonometry questions.

Moreover, this material is also one of the questions in the SMA/SMK National Exam.

Which, of course, requires you to be competent or at least know how to solve the problems put at your disposal.

Understanding trigonometry

Trigonometry formulas and example problems

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Trigonometry is a word that comes from the Greek, trigonon meaning three angles and metro meaning the size of the angle.

So, we can conclude that trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that focuses on calculating 3 angles in a plane figure.

In this case, the plane figures that can be calculated using trigonometric formulas are only the plane shapes of the triangles.

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This cannot be separated from the fact that only this flat shape has 3 angles that are opposite to each other.

Trigonometry itself is divided into several sections which are provided with their respective functions or uses.

The use of trigonometry is known as the triangulation technique, which is often used by astronomers to calculate various objects in outer space, one of which is the distance to adjacent stars.

In geography itself, trigonometric formulas are often used as a reference for calculating certain points and for calculating satellite navigation.

In the Mathematics discipline, Trigonometry is divided into several types, namely sine (sin), cosine (cos), tangent (tan), tangent (cot), secant (sec), cosecant (cosec).

Each part of this trigonometry has a relationship and also similarities between them. These equations are what you need to learn to be able to answer various trigonometry questions.

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Collection of trigonometric formulas Comparison of each angle

The formula for the Cosine of the difference of angles:

Cos (A + B) = Cos A Cos B – Sin A Sin B

Cos (A – B) = Cos A Cos B + Sin A Sin B

Sin (A + B) = Sin A Cos B + Cos A Sin B

Sin (A – B) = Sin A Cos B – Cos A Sin B

Tan (A – B) = tan A – tan B/ 1 + tan A tan B

Tan (A + B) = tan A + tan B/ 1 – tan A tan B

Examples of trigonometric formulas

There are several questions that can give you a little explanation and also make you understand more about how to use these trigonometric formulas. Here is an example question:

Example question 1:

Using the trigonometric formula, determine what the value of sin 165 isa?

Answer: sin 165 = sin 120 + 45

= sin 120. cos 45 + cos 120 . without 45

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=\frac{1}{2}\sqrt{3}.\frac{1}{2}\sqrt{2} + \frac{1}{2} .\frac{1}{2} \sqrt{2}

= \frac{1}{4}\left ( \sqrt{6} + \sqrt{2}\right )

So the value of sin 165 It is \frac{1}{4}\left ( \sqrt{6} + \sqrt{2}\right )

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This is one of the easiest examples of applying trigonometric formulas to determine another angle in a triangle.

In order for you to understand it better, it is recommended that you continue to practice as well as practice.

With pleasure to practice, of course, no matter how difficult the material you will get in the math lessons will be easy to answer.

Because basically, the difficulty in answering math problems is due to the fact that you rarely practice.

I hope the above explanation can give you a solution and solution to the problem you are working on,

Keep following our website for updated explanations of the latest math formulas and information about math problems.

good job and keep it up.