Collection of examples of children’s stories to accompany your son/daughter before bedtime
Collection of examples of children’s stories to accompany your son/daughter before bedtime

Collection of examples of children’s stories to accompany your son/daughter before bedtime

Those of you born before the 2000s are certainly no strangers to bedtime stories, right? Unfortunately, in the current era, it is increasingly abandoned due to eroded technological advances. Although there are many benefits of fairy tales, namely:

  • Increase the closeness of parents with children

Busyness that is becoming denser and denser makes parents escape the interaction with their children. Even though 3-12 year olds still need parental guidance. With storytelling for children, it can also be quality time between you and your child

  • Stimulate children’s imagination to be more creative

Children at a young age is a phase in which their imagination develops very quickly. With fairy tales, you can stimulate the child’s brain even more. He can imagine himself as a character in your story

  • Fairy tales are rich in moral values ​​that facilitate teaching and instilling in their children to their parents.

Children tend to ignore their parents’ advice, especially if they nag. Nagging will only drain you of energy and eat away at your heart. Therefore, through storytelling, moral values ​​can be accepted by your child in a more pleasant way.

  • Cultivating children’s interest in reading from an early age

It is a common fact that Indonesia is a country with low interest in reading. Therefore, it is no wonder that many Indonesians are consumed by pranks, regardless of their level of education. You certainly don’t want your child to be like that, do you? Along with storytelling, it will also stimulate the child’s interest in reading. He will take the initiative to explore other stories without your help.

Therefore, here are some recommendations example short story for children which you can choose:

Tortoise and Hare

Salah 1 examples of stories for children this should be familiar to you. Maybe when you were a child, you often heard about it from your teachers, parents or story books. But it doesn’t matter if you’re reviving the storytelling tradition for your child with this story.

There is a rabbit that is famous among other types of animals as a very fast runner. Other animals that also have the ability to run fast can be defeated. This made the rabbit arrogant.

This arrogance increasingly disturbs all existing animals, including the turtle. The tortoise who could not stand it decided to challenge the rabbit to a race. Although the turtle is an animal famous for its slow movement. Its small legs plus a shell attached to its body.

With this fact it was clear that the rabbit was laughing at the tortoise because he thought he was ignorant. But the rabbit still accepted the challenge. He was sure he would win before the game started. On paper, he was far superior to the turtle. From here he had taken it easy and saw the turtle as a joke.

The running race started, many animals flocked to see the race. Many of them support the tortoise because they don’t like the rabbit’s arrogance either. With the monkey as referee, the race began.

The rabbit easily got away from the tortoise. Rabbit felt that there was no significant challenge, that he could rest for a while. Later, if the turtle started to close in on him, he could easily dash back to the finish line.

The rabbit decided to rest under a shady tree while waiting for the tortoise. But unknowingly, with a breeze blowing, making the rabbit sleep very deeply. The rabbit did not realize that the tortoise who continued to fight passed him to the finish line. The turtle finally won the match to the cheers of all the animals. The rabbit who had just woken up realized it too late. He was ashamed and never appeared again.

The shepherd who loves to lie

Once upon a time there was a boy who worked as a shepherd for a rich merchant. As a shepherd, the child was given the task of keeping the flock safe, especially from the wolf. The child also received a message that if one day a wolf attacked his farm, he must call for help from the villagers. The child understands and begins to fulfill his duties. Day after day he spent with the merchant’s herd. Everything was safe, so he got really bored with his monotonous routine.

Remember that the child will receive a message from the merchant to call for help when attacked by a wolf. Ignorant intentions arise from the child as amusement for his boredom. He immediately cried out, “Please help, there are wolves who will prey on my sheep.”

The villagers who heard immediately took all the tools as weapons to repel the wolves. But when they arrived at the farm, the villagers saw no wolf. Just seeing the kid laugh with satisfaction because he managed to fool the whole village. The villagers’ anger made the child laugh even more. This prank eventually became a habit of the child. He felt very happy that he had managed to lie to the panicked villagers.

But this pleasure did not last long. This time it really was a pack of wolves attacking his farm. The panicked child immediately screamed for help. However, this time the villagers who were furious at being harassed did not respond to the shouts. They thought it was just another kid’s trick. As a result, the entire contents of the farm were exhausted. The son was fired from his job by the merchant.

The ant and the cricket

Examples of stories for children the last is the story of the ant and the cricket. They say it was summer when the sun was shining brightly. In the midst of these conditions, there is an ant that continues to work diligently to collect food supplies. Every food he finds will be immediately transported to his barn. This is the ant’s daily routine, no matter how hot or heavy the rain. He did it to survive when winter came.

Unlike the ant, there is a cricket that works every day just by being lazy. Singing, as if he didn’t care about the coming winter. He feels that life doesn’t have to be difficult.

The ant’s routine did not escape the attention of this lazy cricket. The cricket scolded the ant and said, “Ant, why are you so diligent in gathering food?” “I must collect a lot of food so that I don’t starve in the winter,” answered the ant.

But instead of realizing his laziness, the cricket laughed mockingly at the ant’s reply. He felt that the ants were too big, although the winter was still long. Regardless of the ridiculousness, the ant continued to work hard to gather supplies from day to day. While the crickets still sing and laze..

At last winter came, the season when everything was covered with snow and the air was very cold. Food cannot be found in these conditions. Unfortunately, this winter turned out to be longer than it should have been. The crickets that had no food starved to death. Fortunately, the good ant wanted to help him, because the ant had prepared a lot of food supplies.