Codashop Pro Apk Top Up Diamond FF & ML Latest 2022 Free
Codashop Pro Apk Top Up Diamond FF & ML Latest 2022 Free

Codashop Pro Apk Top Up Diamond FF & ML Latest 2022 Free – One way to get free diamonds is to use Codashop pro apk. You can get any online game diamond from there. In other words, you can load with the app without paying. Usually Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG and several other types of online games use Codashop app.

Previously, Codashop was an online game reloading service in the form of a website. Over time, developers have made it easier by creating apps that can be downloaded through the Playstore. It is quite famous as it is used by more than 5 million Android users so far. Even though there are many other top-up service apps, Codashop is able to survive because it has several advantages. One of them is that there are various payment methods, be it digital wallets, bank transfers and even credit.

But we don’t mean the app, but the modified version. Despite being the same, there are differences between the two apps in question. One of the most prominent is the features and functions offered. In addition, the feature that makes this app the target of online game lovers is to get recharge diamonds without having to pay.

Key Features of Codashop Pro Apk

Some also call it Codashop pro apk FF because it can actually be used to load Free Fire diamonds. Although it can actually be used for other games like ML, Zepeto and others as mentioned above. Whatever the name, this free diamond hunter target app has some great features, here are some of them!

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Free upload

As said earlier, this feature makes this online game reloading app a target. Just like when you upload in the original version of the Codashop app, you can also upload diamonds here. The difference is, this time without paying the number of diamond purchases made.

Unlimited Diamonds

No need to look for a config app or a FF mod if you want to have unlimited diamonds, Codashop pro max can do that too. You can load any number of diamonds you want without having to pay.

Just like when you want to buy a diamond, of course there is a choice of how many diamonds you want to buy, right? Well, you can do it again and again without having to pay anything when you buy it. Reaching the limit of unlimited diamonds, how difficult is it if it’s free?

Simple view

Another advantage or feature of Codashop pro apk which is not so important but worth discussing is that it seems simple and easy to understand. Front view, you are presented with the type of online game that will be filled with diamonds, then followed by the desired number of diamonds. Everything is packaged in a simple layout and definitely easy to understand even for beginners.

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Download Codashop Pro Latest Apk

This app also known as Codashop ML has an important function which is to get free diamonds. To get it, you won’t find it on Playstore like the official version from Codashop. But don’t worry because we have prepared an active link.

Surely you can’t wait to have this multipurpose app, right? It means an application that can be used to load various types of online games. So please download Codashop pro apk from below link!

  • APK Name: codashop pro
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 6MB
  • Developer:-
  • Download link:

Cara Install Codashop Pro Apk 2021

As with other modded apps, you need to enable permissions from unknown sources. Each Android phone has its own settings, but each is not very different. Just as a guide, here are the steps to enable installation from unknown sources, along with how to install Codashop pro!

  1. First, open’Arrangement“on your Android phone and go to the menu”Additional settings‘.
  2. Then select the menu “Security and Privacy”.
  3. In the submenu ‘unknown source’please slide the switch to the right (some HP brands with a small check box next to it).
  4. Find the Codashop pro Apk file that was downloaded earlier and then press or tap on it.
  5. Select ‘Installation‘ or ‘Installation‘ in the pop-up message that appears.

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How to use Codashop Pro Apk FF, ML and PUBG

How to use this free diamond app is the same when used for online games Free Fire, Mobile Legends, PUBG ETC. The idea is that you buy diamonds from the game in question, but this time without money.

  1. Open the Codashop app that was installed earlier.
  2. Enter your password if prompted.
  3. Choose the loadout for which game, for example FF or ML.
  4. Enter the game ID.
  5. Next, select the number of diamonds to be filled.
  6. Determine the payment method, it’s free because in the end you don’t spend any money.
  7. Enter your phone number for confirmation.
  8. Press “OK”. Completed!


Although some parties claim that the modified app in this recharge service can provide free diamonds, in reality there is still no evidence to support it. Please if you want to prove the truth of Codashop pro apk. However, you should be careful because the security of the account you have is at stake.