Choices Mod APK Download Latest Version Pro 2022
Choices Mod APK Download Latest Version Pro 2022

Choices Mod APK Download Latest Version Pro 2022

For those of you who like to read stories smartphone, both comics and novels pdf, there is an app that you will definitely like. Here APK Mod Options. This app is a modified version of Options: The story you can play. So how is this app? This is the review.

Review Picks: The story you can play


Choices, Story You Can Play is an app that contains stories and offers an exciting adventure. How come? Because in this app, you can determine the story based on your choice. Although the story is limited, there are still millions of possibilities that can happen.

In this app, you will read the story from the perspective of the main character. Well, later on, every conversation the main character makes will have multiple options. For example, when the main character talks to character A.

When character A says something to the main character, then you as the main character have to decide your own response. You will also be faced with multiple answer choices. Well, each answer you choose will have a different effect and response to the story you go through.

Fun, right? So far, there are 3 main story types available in Choices, Story You Can Play. So what’s the main story? This is the review.

1. Freshman

You are a freshman in college. Therefore, your story will be full of romantic adventures with college kids. Not only that, you will also get many stories from social side to academic experiences on campus.

For the character, you will play as a female character. You will have 3 ideal men on campus. I am a male soccer player, a writer and a female Asian (yes, the story in this app may contain sensitive elements such as same-sex love).

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You will also have a lot of experience with your friends. You can help your roommate pursue his love (or not) and help the teacher reunite with his daughter (or not). The story you go through depends on the choices you make.

2. Rules of engagement

This story has a very romantic and sometimes quite funny plot. You will play as four siblings on a summer cruise ship on a mission from grandma. As the story progresses, you may experience a shift in the main character’s perspective.

So what is meant by grandmother’s pregnancy? Before she died, the grandmother had already prepared an inheritance for her 4 grandchildren. However, these nephews of his could not get it just like that. They have to fulfill grandma’s “duties”.

One character has to keep a job, another character has to get married, and another has to date a woman chosen by his grandmother. The last sister has to step out of her comfort zone and do things like rock climbing, dancing, etc.

The essence of this story is the amount of drama and personal conflict in each character. Some are caught in false love. Some are stuck with jobs that make them ugly. There are also those who almost lost their lives because they had to do dangerous things. Fun, right?

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3. The Crown and the Flame

This is the final model of the story. Here you will read the story from the perspective of a war queen who wants to rule the world. However, this queen is not an evil queen. He wants to rule the world and eliminate male rulers who are evil or have bad character.

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In terms of setting and story, the story of The Crown and The Flame is more suitable for those of you who like fantasy worlds. This is because there are many events that will certainly feel strange and unreasonable in the real world.

Difference between Choices Mod APK and Original

Original Version Mod
advertisement There are commercials between story breaks. These ads don’t always appear. However, when it occurs, it can be very long (up to 2 minutes). No ads
Conversation Limited More options
Characters and story Limited More options

Fitur Choices Mod APK

In the modified version, you will get more features that you may not find in the original version. What are those features? This is the full review.

1. Recovery


This is a feature where you can go back to the previous story. For example, when you feel that you do not like the story that is being lived or you feel that you can already guess finalher.

This is one of the most appreciated features of the modified version. Why? Because for some readers, Choice’s story was predictable from the start. So this feature allows the reader to choose whether to return to the main story or continue the story.

2. Wider and more extreme conversation features

Broader and extreme conversational features

In the original version, chat replies between characters had limited options. For example, when a man proposes marriage to a female character, in the original version we can respond with the word “Yes” or “No”.

However, in the modified version, there are some other options like “Yes, as long as you buy me a luxury car”. Of course, the conversation isn’t in the story and is just an example, so you don’t get spoilers.

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Essentially, the conversation in the modified version will be wider and have many options. You can also get more extreme and fun answer choices. As a result, reading stories becomes more fun and challenging.

3. Multiplayer


Can you read the story? multiplayer? Yes of course. Fun, right? So in this Choice Mod APK you can read stories and become a character. You will meet and chat with other characters. The difference is that the characters you meet are not controlled characters software but someone else.

So between 2 readers can meet in one story. But of course you won’t be told which are bot characters (controlled by the app) and real characters controlled by other players. Everything will look the same. So it will be more surprising later, right?

Cara Download APK Mod Options

The name of the application Choose-mod.apk
size 77.4 MB
Version v2.7.1
Price Free of charge

How to download and install Choices Mod APK

  • Open the Download link on.
  • Please wait up to 15 seconds.
  • Click on the button “Download nowavailable by color button Gray.
  • Open settings on Android to set installation permission software because this app is outside play store.
  • enter on the menu “Security”.
  • Yes tick “Unknown sources”.
install english mode
English language settings
install english mode
English language settings
  • Open File Explorer on Android and Car Folder Download.
  • In the Downloads folder, Cari File Choice Mod APK who just finished inUnload.
  • Open the file and install it will run by itself.
  • Open the app and start playing when the installation is complete.

How? Fun, right? Now reading stories is no longer monotonous and of course it becomes more exciting. By reading stories from Choice Mod APK, you can become an active reader.

There is nothing more exciting than establishing our own story, right? So what are you waiting for? Unload Choose the mod version right now and feel the thrill of excitement.

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