Chantal Dewi – Biography, Profile, Facts, Age, Religion, Husband, Career
Chantal Dewi – Biography, Profile, Facts, Age, Religion, Husband, Career

Chantal Dewi – Biography, Profile, Facts, Age, Religion, Husband, Career


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Chantal Dewi is disc jockey who are of Ambon-Dutch-German origin. She entered the world of entertainment in 1997 with her debut as a model.

She often shares her moments as a model for the magazine she has been involved in since 1997, her face is often displayed in various Indonesian magazines. Even in 2012 he was over it bridge for the event fashion show the prestigious Indonesia, Indonesia Fashion Week 2012.

To this day, he continues to model, but not as actively as in the early 2000s. His years as a model bored him, so he decided to make a new profession as a DJ.

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His DJ career started in 2012-2013 when he studied at a DJ school called 1945MF DJ School. After graduation, he started working as a DJ in various nightclubs.

According to him, being a DJ is more fun than being a model, because for him being a DJ is a paid hobby, so it becomes more enjoy in doing his job.

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Chantal Dewi Biography, Profile and Facts

photo: instagram/chantaldewi

Biodata and profile

  • Full name: Chantal Dewi Hehuwat
  • Stage name: Chantal Dewi
  • Nickname: Chantal, Dewi
  • Place, date of birth: April 11, 1980
  • Indonesian citizenship
  • Education: –
  • Christianity
  • Height: –
  • Parents: Ruby Thielsch Doup (mother)
  • Siblings: Nicole
  • Husband: Dario
  • Child: Devon
  • Profession: Model, DJ
  • Hobbies: Traveling
  • Facebook:-
  • Twitter: –
  • Instagram: @chantaldewi
  • Tic Tac Toe:-
  • YouTube: –

Interesting facts

  • In early 2022, he shocked the public as the police confirmed that the DJ with the initials CD was him. He was arrested for abusing methamphetamine at his residence in South Jakarta.
  • Having a charming face, it turns out that he is of Ambo-German-Dutch origin, you know.
  • Despite his career in Indonesia, he often goes back and forth between Indonesia and the Netherlands to meet his sister Nicole and his mother’s siblings.
  • Switching careers from modeling to DJing, she admitted she got bored with the modeling world.
  • His favorite musical genres for DJing are progressive, from techno to tech house.
  • Around 2004-2005 she married a Caucasian man who was her true love. Unfortunately, she had to give up her husband who was gone forever. To this day he still chooses to be single and focus on his son.
  • As single parents, she always spends her time and puts her child first.

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Reality show

  • The fashion hero (2020) (broadcast in South Africa)

Even though she had stumbled into a case of drug abuse, Chantal Dewi had reflected on herself and would become a better person.