Causes and How to Overcome FB Lite Can’t Open on Mobiles and Computers
Causes and How to Overcome FB Lite Can’t Open on Mobiles and Computers

Causes and How to Overcome FB Lite Can’t Open on Mobiles and Computers

FB Lite Unable to Open – Facebook is one of the most famous and largest social networks in the world. With the plethora of benefits and features it brings, it is no wonder that many people use the app.

Not only to communicate but also to share information with each other. But sometimes Facebook can also encounter errors. How to fix FB Lite Cannot Open error is actually not difficult. You just need to know what caused it.

It is very annoying if you are busy using FB Lite and suddenly an error appears.

Therefore, to fix it, you need to understand at least 9 reasons why FB Lite cannot be opened, which will be reviewed below. By knowing the cause, you can find the best solution.

FB users can post or tweet, fb status, comments, to use hashtags or hashtags to make them viral and trend in fb searches.

You can access Facebook through websites or apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store. The Twitter app has been downloaded over 1 billion so far. So of course fb lite still exists today.

Cause Fb Lite can’t open error

You must be wondering why Fb Lite can’t be opened on Android or PC computers? There are usually various things that cause the Fb Lite can’t login or open error. Here are some reasons why Facebook Lite can’t be opened that you may know, including:

1. Server down

Fb Lite cannot be opened, one of the reasons is the server is down. The server is down is a technical error that occurs in a system such that Server failed and could not be accessed.

Not only facebook, the server is down also experienced by various other applications and online game other. Like it or not, you have to wait Server patiently completed the repair.

2. Account problem

Another cause is that your Facebook Lite account is problematic. Usually, the problem with your account can be caused by several things, such as forgetting passwordyour account is…hack good people, they have a facebook account with no. the same mobile phone with another account or perform suspicious activities.

3. Unstable Internet

The internet you are using is unstable may also be the reason why you cannot open Facebook Lite. Make sure your internet is stable to avoid facebook that can’t be opened. You can use WiFi to open Facebook Lite if your internet connection is not stable.

Furthermore, Fb Lite can’t be opened due to data cache which gathers. Check the data cache Your Facebook, if it is taking up space in your phone memory, then delete it quickly. Don’t forget to check the data cache on other applications.

5. I haven’t updated the app

You often ignore his update Update Fb Lite App, Not updating or updatingUpdate Facebook application you will most likely have problems accessing the application. So, don’t delay updating or upgrading your Facebook Lite app

The solution to this problem is to close the Facebook Lite app first. Once closed, restart your phone. After the reboot, don’t forget to remove the battery, external memory and card from there.

If your phone uses a built-in battery, then you just need to remove the SIM card. Once released, wait a few minutes. If so, reinstall everything that was removed and then enter the Fb Lite app.

How To Fix Facebook Apk (Fb Lite) Can’t Open

After friends know what can cause Fb Lite not to open, of course it will be easier to deal with, right? For that, you all can follow some of my tips to overcome Facebook platform error or inaccessibility as follows:

1. Make sure you have a stable internet connection

If you want to make Fb Lite but unfortunately the app can’t be opened, first make sure if the connection used by your device is stable or not. Because after all, we can easily access Fb Lite if the internet connection is stable and not slow.

To make sure that the problem is in the internet network, try accessing other social networks like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. If everyone is experiencing the same thing, it means the problem is indeed on the internet network.

2. Clear the cache

The next way is to clear the cache. As for how to clear cache, it is very easy, that is by opening settings then app management> selecting Fb Lite> memory usage> wipe data to clear data and clear cache to clear cache. In addition, you can also do a combination by force stopping or wiping the app data.

3. Using a VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) has a fairly simple way of working, which is to create a network within the network, which means you can manipulate the IP address of a device. So, you could say that this VPN is one of the best solutions to the problems caused by websites that cannot be accessed because they have been blocked by the government or certain providers. If you feel that your fb lite app or provider is blocked as it happened some time ago, you can use a VPN to be able to access fb lite again.

4. Updating the Application

Apart from the fact that the site or platform has been blocked by a certain provider, it turns out that another cause that often leads to the inaccessibility of a Facebook platform is the presence of bugs in the twitter application, which makes Twitter unable to can open or an error. Therefore, updates have been made to remove these bugs. How to update Twitter is also quite easy. just open playstore or appstore then search fb lite and update fb lite app immediately.

5. Reinstall fb lite app

Next tip is to delete and reinstall fb lite app. This option is used if the app actually has an error, such as exiting itself when you try to open the app

The last word

These are some of the reasons why fb lite app can’t be opened. We hope with the solution provided by facebook users they can use fb lite apk again.