Can Shah Firdaus shine?  – Malay News- Malaysian newspapers from Kuala Lumpur
Can Shah Firdaus shine? – Malay News- Malaysian newspapers from Kuala Lumpur

Can Shah Firdaus shine? – Malay News- Malaysian newspapers from Kuala Lumpur

WATCHING National track cycling champion Datuk Mohd Azizulhasni Awang is out of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games, with the focus now on Muhammad Shah Firdaus Sahrom to shine in England.

Although the games gave Shah Firdaus a great opportunity to escape from Azizulhasni’s shadow, especially in the men’s keirin event, he still needs to be more careful against the other six cyclists as they could pose a big threat to the riders Malaysians in the event held in Lee. Valley Velopark, London.

Azizulhasni had previously withdrawn from the Games four years ago as he was still recovering from open-heart surgery in April last year.

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National coach John Beasley said one of the riders was England’s Jack Carlin, who crashed into Shah Firdaus in the second round, the first team keirin event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to see the national rider rushed to Juntendo. Shizuoka University Hospital last year.

“Besides Carlin, Shah Firdaus’ other competitors are two Australian riders, Mathew Glaetzer, who is also a former world sprint champion, and Mathew Richardson and Nicholas Paul of Trinidad and Tobago, Union Track Cycling World Cup champions International Cycling Union (UCI). in Cali, Colombia recently,” he told Bernama.

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In addition, he said, two New Zealand riders – Sam Webster, who is the Commonwealth Games sprint champion, and another no less great keirin rider, Sam Dakin must also be noted in the Games.

Meanwhile, the Australian-born coach has challenged his men to set lower personal bests in the events they are participating in and hopes they can produce good results as they compete under pressure there.

The Birmingham national cycling team consists of three male and three female athletes, a mix of experienced and new riders.

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The male cyclists are Shah Firdaus, Muhammad Fadhil Mohd Zonis and Muhammad Ridwan Sahrom and the female cyclists are Anis Amira Rosidi, Nurul Aliana Syafika Azizan and young talent Nurul Izzah Izzati Mohd Asri.

The 12-day tour will officially kick off at 19:00 tonight (2:00 Friday, Malaysia time), which will run until August 8. – Appointed

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