” Cahaya’s beauty wearing a veil.. ” – Netizen
” Cahaya’s beauty wearing a veil.. ” – Netizen

” Cahaya’s beauty wearing a veil.. ” – Netizen

The appearance of Mawi’s singer Malaika Cahaya’s son, who now wears a hijab, is praised by netizens. Unfortunately, the light is so big, it looks even sweeter when covered!!

Looking back to Mawi’s success in 2005, it sparked an extraordinary phenomenon when Mawi managed to beat the country’s popular singer Datuk Siti Nurhaliza at the Berita Harian Popular Star Award.

After starting a family with Ekin Rahmat, Mawi and Ekin were blessed with a daughter named Cahaya Malaika. Now, Cahaya is already 10 years old.

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Although Mawi’s name is not talked about as much as before, Mawi seems to be comfortable with the life he is living now. Apart from being a singer, Mawi is also a Zayan FM radio presenter and film director.

The last, review on the account Instagram Mawi and Ekin shared pictures and videos of Cahaya. Cahaya’s appearance wearing a hijab in pictures and videos attracted attention.

Let’s watch the share below:

In the comment section, netizens praised Mawi’s son who looks handsome and polite when wearing hijab. Among the comments:

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“Cahaya is beautiful wearing hijab. Mawi’s face is like Cahaya, may she be a pious child of Cahaya…”

“May I be a child who obeys his parents and is godly. This is Abi’s friend forever, Cahaya is so cute..”

“Masha’Allah he’s cute, I hope he’ll be a good son pious Cahaya, he’s grown so fast now…”

Unfortunately, Cahaya looks sweet when wearing a veil, a look at Cahaya’s style and looks like her, Ekin. It’s good Cahaya, I started wearing hijab and learning to cover my private parts, this kind of attitude should be praised.

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For those who follow Mawi or Ekin di Instagram, must know that this couple often shares pictures of their beloved children. Anyway, we hope Cahaya will grow up healthy and be a godly child to both parents.

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