Bund, Here are the practices and prayers to give birth quickly, let’s practice!
Bund, Here are the practices and prayers to give birth quickly, let’s practice!

Bund, Here are the practices and prayers to give birth quickly, let’s practice!

What kind of good practice should we do and what? praying for a quick delivery?

Because every woman who will face the birth process, of course, expects that everything will go smoothly.

Yuk, find the answer in this Financialku article.


  • The birth process it is a life-and-death struggle, so every woman who will go through it really hopes for ease and smoothness.
  • There are a number of practice and prayer which we can practice as a form of effort to wait for goodness from the Creator in facing the process of birth.

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The importance of good practices facilitates the birth process

Doing righteous deeds or doing good is a journey glorified by Allah SWT.

As Muslims, we should always do good to others. Because with kindness will bring ease and glory.

Especially when a woman hopes for safety, especially when she is faced with the process of giving birth, which means a struggle between life and death.

For mothers-to-be who find themselves in this state, there are a number of practices you can do. As a form of effort it demands comfort and safety.

The following are practices to give birth quickly, among others:

#1 Helping someone in need

For the struggling expectant mothers besides praying and asking Allah SWT for a smooth delivery.

You also have to balance this with other goodies. That help someone in need

Reach out and stay guided by kindness, then kindness is always the one that will help you out of trouble.

This will be the point where everything you do will be easier. Because Allah SWT will not forget his promise.

#2 Giving food to the poor

The next good practice to give birth quickly is give food to the poor.

By the maintenance you spend, it will be replaced with something better.

Kindness in giving also makes the person you are helping always pray for the best.

So staying good is a trust and a noble bridge to the good of the world.

Prayer for a quick birth

When we do charity, of course, we cannot escape prayer, so that we always remember the Creator.

For those who will face the birth process, there are a number of prayers that you can say every day.

These prayers will help in the smooth running of all affairs, both in this world and in the next.

Prayer can also quiet the mind so that the birthing process can proceed smoothly.

Prayer #1 for fast contractions

When we face birth, one of the supports we can do is to pray.

When you do activities that are spiritual in nature, it can help facilitate childbirth.

Praying for a quick delivery is also one of the important parts that can bring a sense of optimism. You can pray fervently and read the verses of the Quran.

Regarding prayers that can help facilitate the delivery process, including: Verse chair, AnNose, Surat AlSpeaker and letter AlA’raf verse 54.

For other families waiting for this birthing process, I can help with encouraging prayer, one of which is An-Nas’ letter.

#2 Prayers during pregnancy

Expectant mothers can also say a prayer for smoothness from the time of pregnancy until they are about to face the birth.

Parents-to-be should also always ask for kindness through prayer, especially when doing the 5 daily prayers.

One of them is recitation the– Fatihahand I kept praying in my heart that everything would go well.

Surah Al-Fatihah can help calm the heart to be more relaxed and the mind to be calmer.

As for other letters that also help to calm the expectant mother are Maryam’s letter.

This letter is full of meaning, telling the story of Maryam’s journey when she was pregnant and fighting to save her child from the scorn of the local community.

#3 Prayer before work

Like the book compiled by Ustadz Muhammad Syafi’ei S.Hi (Bin Abdul Qodir Salim Bin Syahab). Explanation of the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW regarding the birth of a child.

For mothers-to-be who are about to give birth, the prayer or practice you can practice is a letter a-Nas, AlFalak, and the-Baqarah verse 225.

#4 Increase Istighfar

By multiplication atonement, will always help ease the heart and mind. Beristighfar is also a way of remembering Allah.

Keep hoping and begging for all the problems in the world to calm down.

#5 Think positive and keep Dhikr

When faced with a challenge in life, of course there is a way for everything to work out.

For mothers-to-be facing the birthing process, sometimes there is a harsh word that is unintentionally spoken.

Perhaps this speech is a form or a way of resisting the pain. However, it would be better to replace this speech with dmemory

Because prayer is the best way to get ease and glory.

#6 Prayer during childbirth

When you are about to give birth, you can pray and read QS YearNahl verse 78.

Please note that the meaning and significance of the letter is dedicated to mothers who give birth. Pray fervently and keep asking Allah.

Apply for the best

My financial friends, these are some practices and prayers that can help ease the birthing process.

Quick childbirth practices and prayers can help calm the heart and mind. Through prayer, all affairs will be eased and they will always ask for the best.

In addition to seeking maximum preparation for the birthing process, make sure you prepare other things that are no less important.

From baby gear, delivery costs, to financial security before, after and birth.

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It is Do you already know the prayer for a quick delivery? Let’s share this article to better understand what prayers and practices to give birth quickly, thank you.

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