Britney Spears will not be charged in a legal dispute with her father
Britney Spears will not be charged in a legal dispute with her father

Britney Spears will not be charged in a legal dispute with her father

An Wednesday, July 27, judge in Los Angeles Britney Spears She refused her father’s request to take a statement.

Judge Brenda Penny Make a final decision to dismiss the lawyers Jimmy SpearsHe asked for his daughter’s removal during a hearing on Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. It came amid an ongoing trial over his alleged behavior during his controversial 13-year legal guardianship.

Matthew RosengartBritney’s lawyer argued there was no justification for the pop star to take a stand in the case, calling it an act of retaliation by her father and his lawyer. What did she experience under his leadership? [was traumatizing]whether before or not. What makes a good father? “He would say, ‘This is my daughter, I love my daughter,'” Rosengart said at the hearing.

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There is still a chance to consult with his advisers and discuss how to do the right thing. Britney Spears would be shocked if she gave a deposit.

Meanwhile, Jimmy’s lawyers have said they will likely appeal because they believe they are entitled to additional information to support their client’s defense.

Alex Weingarten Note: “As with most [Rosengart’s] The arguments, are directed at the media and not at the court, and are directed at the media and not at the court. “Mr. Spears has done a good job through his daughter. Mr. Spears has protected her beautifully from Rasputin and Svengalis for the past 13 years and years. [entering the conservatorship]. With evidence, not sermons, the truth will come out. There is no evidence of wrongdoing by Mr. Spears and he will be acquitted.”

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Why did her father ask to take it out?

He claims she participated in a campaign to discredit him online and in her upcoming memoir, and that he deserves an opportunity to question her under oath about the allegations. Jimmy Spears She filed legal papers in June asking a judge to order her to appear in court. Jimmy will attend the affidavit, per a previous decision by the judge.

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Jamie wanted to question his daughter under oath about a number of subjects, including allegations that she was forced to undergo treatment, was given 8 tubes of blood for medical treatment and was denied painkillers.

Britney’s lawyer Matthew Rosengart She filed the documents while Jimmy was looking to testify, claiming that Jimmy’s documents, tangible evidence, and testimony would win the case.

Britney’s testimony, according to Rosengart, will not be relevant to any legal proceedings and may shock her.