Bluetooth 5.0 is here, 2x faster
Bluetooth 5.0 is here, 2x faster

Bluetooth 5.0 is here, 2x faster

Bluetooth 5.0 was introduced yesterday, June 16, 2016, by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Bluetooth 5.0 has 2 times the speed of the previous version of Bluetooth. This new wireless data transfer technology will begin to be distributed in 2016 to manufacturers of mobile devices and other Bluetooth devices.

This Bluetooth update has been in development for a few months now. The high demand for upgrading to Bluetooth technology is the reason. In addition, the growing number of Internet of Things devices is also one of the reasons for the release of Bluetooth 5.0.

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Bluetooth 5.0, 2 times faster than its predecessor

The amount of data information that can be transferred via Bluetooth 5.0 at the same time will be higher than the previous version. This makes Bluetooth easier to use, connect and expand functionality.

Bluetooth 5.0 also has the ability to analyze the type of connection required before connecting to a particular device.

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Bluetooth 5.0 is also a low power wireless technology. Therefore, it is hoped that IoT devices can be more environmentally friendly.

In the future, with the data transfer capabilities of Bluetooth 5.0, this latest version of Bluetooth is expected to function as a WiFi network on a smaller scale.

Bluetooth 5.0 will start rolling out from late 2016 to early 2017.

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