Bitcoin worth Rp 2.6 trillion was thrown away, this man is looking for a robot dog
Bitcoin worth Rp 2.6 trillion was thrown away, this man is looking for a robot dog

Bitcoin worth Rp 2.6 trillion was thrown away, this man is looking for a robot dog, Jakarta – A total of 8,000 bitcoins stored hard disk trashed in 2013 by a man named James Howells.

Now, hard disk Containing thousands of bitcoins, it was searched through various dumps by Howells using robot dogs and artificial intelligence.

Howells, a resident of Newport, South Wales, was thrown by mistake hard disk the size of an iPhone, containing a cryptocurrency worth USD 175 million or IDR 2.6 trillion.

Now Howells is fighting to get permission from Newport City Council to dig up the landfill and find hard disk the one

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He is willing to spend USD 11 million or about Rp 165 billion to dig a landfill and sort about 110,000 pounds of trash.

Humans and AI-powered machines trained to recognize hard disk will sort the waste in a process expected to take three years.

The Boston Dynamics robot dog duo will help sort trash during the day and patrol for trespassing treasure hunters at night.

If Howells manages to find hard disk, there is a high possibility that trillions of rupees worth of bitcoins can be recovered. Because, hard disk possibly damaged.

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However, he recruits a data extraction team that includes an advisor who helps retrieve data from the space shuttle Columbia’s black box.

If Howells wins the city council, his bold plan will be financed by a pair of Swiss and German venture capitalists, Hanspeter Jaberg and Karl Wendeborn.

The duo will receive more than USD 50 million or about Rp 750 billion. if complete hard disk which was lost nine years ago was successfully recovered.

“It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our investments are very risky. However, we are committed to it,” Jaberg said.

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In addition to paying investors, Howells will keep 30 percent of the bitcoins, give 30 percent to prospecting workers, and give $60 to every Newport resident.

However, the city council said it disapproved of Howells’ plan. They stated that digging a landfill poses a significant environmental risk.

However, Howells did not give up. He met with local lawmakers and considered legal arguments. “We don’t want to harm the environment,” he said. [SN/HBS]