Best recommendation for cheap gaming laptops 2022
Best recommendation for cheap gaming laptops 2022

Best recommendation for cheap gaming laptops 2022

Gaming laptops that usually range in the tens of millions, a fantastic price, right?

For those of you who are better off and on a budget who want to buy a gaming laptop, don’t worry because there are gaming laptops that range from eleven to thirteen million.

This laptop with a price of 11-13 million is already using an 11th gen or 4th gen raison five core i5 with a minimum gpu gtx650 or if possible means x35 files, at least 20 HZ flash, 8 GB RAM and also ice. support for most games and creative applications like Adobe is more optimal when running.

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The most economical variant at the moment with the vietnamese rationale, the victim of the gtx650 4giga laptop, this laptop is still OK to bulldoze all kinds of games with medium settings at full HD high quality resolution, it’s quite ok although it looks simple, even including the one with the cheapest Mio STD tag.

This laptop is quite durable. So if you are careless, Cirebon is a little bit, you don’t need to worry. The screen color is only 60% and it is reasonable for a laptop at this price to have 144 hearts, even if the X-ray version means only 7.

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As a consideration, although the accessories are very affordable, it is not even 14000000 considering the 8-core with the end of 3050, the most that needs to be upgraded is only 8 GB of RAM and so that it becomes dual-channel. In addition, we get a backlit keyboard, which means it can be a Uzona number

The price starts at eleven million with a choice of GTX 650 or the big X 3050, which means that the artist version of the 3050 we get a smooth full-hd ipx-165 screen with games uh 100% Ashar JB is unique, the price is 13 million considering that many gaming laptops over 4 million are still not as good as this is the screen.

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This millionaire gaming laptop with 13 million Neutral Cor5 version is Acer’s most affordable gaming option.

The power socket on the bottom is ideal for those who want a neater looking gaming desk.

This is the recommendation for a cheap gaming laptop in the price range of 11-13 million. It may be useful.