BB Live Apk Latest Chinese Streaming Mod 2022 Free Download
BB Live Apk Latest Chinese Streaming Mod 2022 Free Download

BB Live Apk Latest Chinese Streaming Mod 2022 Free Download shared a lot of Chinese live apps and this time there is something new called BB Live apk.

This app is one of the many latest China live apps that many of you may not know about.

Because this app is quite rare and hard to find because this is a very special app and few people know about it.

But here we will discuss it for all of you who are looking for a new and stable live streaming app.

So please read carefully the app discussion for this live BB apk mod in full below.

What is BB Live Apk?

BB Live Apk Mod Chinese Terbaru

BB Live is a live app from China which in our opinion is very barbaric because the appearance of streamers is very tempting.

Of course, many of you surely don’t know about this app, right? Because this app can’t be found in playstore.

And even searching on the internet is difficult because this app rarely talks about it and only a few like this

This app is actually almost similar to similar live apks as the essence of all live apps is to provide streaming entertainment.

But the difference lies in the users, streamers and also the features offered by the app itself.

Where in this app there are a lot of live streamers with bars and it’s bad because many people live openly and freely.

And what’s worse, there are also many streamers who live while wiki and we can watch live for free without a lock camera.

And for the features of this application are also quite a lot, including the following.

BB Live Apk Mod Features

Watch live

With this live app, of course, you can watch live broadcasts from various hosts in this app for free and for free.

And for 24 hours non-stop in this app, there are plenty of live streams that you can watch to your heart’s content.

The main game

There are many games that you can play in this bb live app and the games are very interesting similar to higgs domino game.

Live streaming

There are a lot of streamers in this app and you can also become a streamer if you want and become famous.

Digital wallet

There is a digital wallet feature where you can top up or WD from the virtual wallet feature in this app where this digital wallet supports Gopay.

Of course, this can be very easy for us because there are many payment tool users in Indonesia who use Go pay.

To make money

In this app we can earn a lot of money by becoming a streamer or playing various games offered by this live bb app.

Pros and Cons of BB Live

Every live app definitely has its pros and cons and this bb live app has both and some of the pros and cons are as follows.


Based on our experience and usage, we have found many advantages that benefit from using this app, including the following.

  • No need to login
  • No ads
  • Smooth, lag-free streaming
  • Bad bars
  • Lots of live wikis
  • There is no room
  • Free and anti-ban
  • And much more


In our opinion, the shortcomings of this application are only a few, some of which are as follows.

  • The language is Chinese and cannot be changed
  • All users are 99% Chinese
  • You must login for full features

Well, after reading all the things about this app, you are definitely interested in trying it out, right? Well, if you are interested, you can try it for free, check the link below.

Download Link BB Live Apk Latest Chinese Mod Free

The name of the application BB Live Apk
Category LIVE & Games
size 26.3Mb+
Version Newest 2022
Developer bblive
Evaluation of the application ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Shared by

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How to download and install apps

For how to download it, click on the download link above, and later you will be directed to media thread to continue downloading the apk file.

Then make sure you also have the RAR app first to open this app on your Android phone via Playstore.

If so, follow the installation steps below.

  • Extract the downloaded file using RAR application
  • after that click apk and select install
  • If a security notification appears, allow it for the next process
  • Wait until the installation is complete and you can use this application.

To use it run this app and also you don’t need to log in to watch live broadcast but if you want to get more features you can try to log in this app.


Well by the end of this article guys this is a Chinese app that has a lot of live streams that are sterile and also the latest super free.

You can try to use it for entertainment or explore unlimited new worlds through this bb live apk mod app.

Please download and don’t forget to keep checking live app updates or other interesting information only at this Thanks.