Baim Wong finally launches Citayam Fashion Week
Baim Wong finally launches Citayam Fashion Week

Baim Wong finally launches Citayam Fashion Week

Country soap opera player Baim Wong has finally launched Citayam Fashion Week from his own hand. Previously, Baim himself wanted to register the CFW name itself on HAKI.

The registration with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights itself seeks to make Citayam Fashion Week the property of him and his model wife Paula Verhoeven.

Baim Wong was criticized by netizens and state officials

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The soap opera actor who would be the intention to develop Citayam Fashion Week was responded by netizens and important personalities in the country.

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Baim Wong has finally issued a statement on the matter. He said that he has no intention of taking away the rights of the small and common people.

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He just wanted to invite several important figures from Citayam Fashion Week to develop this, all quoted from Kompas.

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“So we really want to quit because I don’t think we want to be like that, we have no intention,” explained Baim Wong.

He said he had good intentions by cooperating with a few influential Citayam Fashion Week like Bonge, Jeje, Roy and Kurma.

However, unfortunately, many netizens say that the concept used seems to abuse certain existing parties.

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Baim eventually decided to quit Citayam Fashion Week and canceled his intention to register the name Citayam Fashion Week as one of the owners of the company he had built.