AVG Cleaner Pro Apk Full [Unlocked] for Android latest version
AVG Cleaner Pro Apk Full [Unlocked] for Android latest version

AVG Cleaner Pro Apk Full [Unlocked] for Android latest version

AVG Cleaner Pro Apk – Android is a very open operating system. Devices running this operating system currently account for nearly 75% of mobile phones available on the market.

Since the operating system is open, users can easily engage with the system. However, there are limitations that we don’t like about the Android operating system.

In addition, the fragmentation between high-end and low-end devices often causes Android devices to slow down after a period of use.

In addition, it automatically generates junk files and slows down device processes. Here you need to use tools to deal with junk files and strengthen your device.

Currently, many manufacturers of this device include this tool by default. However, they are often inadequate. So better tools are needed.

In this article, we would like to introduce you one of the best apps to deal with junk files and speed up your Android device. This is AVG Cleaner Pro.

AVG Cleaner is a smart product expert with over 50 million pre-made production tools. Download AVG and Junk Cleaner for Android phones for free.

AVG Cleaner Pro latest version


AVG Cleaner Pro is a utility app that helps users clean junk files and speed up Android devices. You may be interested in the Pro version of this app, which comes with features not available in the free version.

However, you have to pay for it. We all know that not everyone is conditioned to do it or is not ready to pay.

AVG Cleaner Pro feature

AVG Cleaner Pro offers many unique and effective features that help improve your device’s performance. They focus on managing junk files, clearing cache and increasing device speed. Let’s find below:

  • Unlock all features of the PRO version for free.
  • Remove ads from the app permanently
  • Disable/remove unwanted rights + recipients and services;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled;
  • Optimized Zipalign graphics.

Quick cleaning

One of the most useful features of AVG Cleaner is that it cleans junk files from your system to save memory. To do this, click the “Quick Clean” button on the main interface of the application.

Then check the system items you want to clean. You can leave it enabled by default and press the “Full Clean” button. After completing this process, save storage space on your smartphone.

Optimize the image

In addition, AVG Cleaner helps to save storage space by optimizing the images available on your smartphone. This application can deeply scan the system and see everything

To use this feature, you need to click the “Photos” button in the application interface. AVG Cleaner will display image information on your smartphone. Click the “Explore and Optimize” button here to launch Image Optimizer.

Bad, blurry, bad or duplicate images can also be quickly identified. You can then manually delete them to compress your image library and save space.

Application manager

With AVG Cleaner Pro, you can view and remove running apps that are using extra RAM, storage and network data. It will also remind you of rarely used apps when you last used them.

From there, you can choose to keep or delete these apps to free up memory for your device.

Apart from that, smart tools can also freeze apps that require extra memory to perform tasks. These include background tasks, notifications. This is valid until the user decides to reopen it.

Battery optimization

In addition, Battery Saver provides users with information about the activities on the device that consume additional power. From there, you can change some settings to limit it.

In addition, the battery contains 4 profiles, including low battery, home, office and car. Users can choose one of these 4 profiles to create their desired device (30-day free trial).

With AVG Refinement, you’ll enjoy battery life, get away from your main Android device, delete any image files, and take a bad photo or two.

AVG – Booster and Junk Cleaner Memory Recovery (RAM) is a powerful analytical application and cleaning tool that provides better storage, better performance and shorter battery life.

Help, memory cleanup (RAM cleanup), cheat, battery options, storage tracking and software removal services.

Download AVG Cleaner Pro Apk

Not AVG Cleaner Pro Apk
size 22MB
Version The most recent
Android 4.1+
Update 2022
Developer AVG Mobile


How to install AVG Cleaner

  1. Download and extract files
  2. Extract the patch file, which is in the folder.
  3. If you previously installed AVG, delete the files first
  4. Install app
  5. After you’re done, don’t open the app.
  6. Open the folder, then copy the files to the installation folder
  7. Run the file.
  8. Completed

Media summary

  • Find results for image analysis
  • Refresh image to save space
  • They are set for media and source directories
  • All major video files on one side

Detailed program

  • Streamline your analytics software
  • statistically
  • Analyzing program growth
  • Check warning
  • Fast service

The most recent

– Improved boarding experience

– Polish the UI on multiple screens

– Stability fixes


Overall, AVG Cleaner is one of the most useful apps on smartphones that not only makes it easier for users to manage apps, but also provides an efficient way to use their battery to extend battery life.

This app is also available for free on Google Play. However, if you want a lot of features, you need AVG Cleaner Pro, which we offer in this article. Download AVG Cleaner Pro 4.14.0 now. Clean up your phone for storage, add fast and fast, and speed things up.

Remove spam, clear memory, add memory, delete bad quality images, similar or repeat to make more storage space for apps, images and anything else you want.

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