Aura Kasih – bio, profile, facts, age, religion, husband, movie, Sinetron
Aura Kasih – bio, profile, facts, age, religion, husband, movie, Sinetron

Aura Kasih – bio, profile, facts, age, religion, husband, movie, Sinetron

Who doesn’t know Aura Kasih? This beautiful artist who was born in Bandung started her career in the world of entertainment in 2007.

Before becoming a famous singer and actress, she first participated in the Miss Indonesia pageant in 2007 and managed to become a finalist at the event.

In 2008, he managed to release his first album, entitled Tempter Angel with its signature song namely Let’s make love.

The song was highly appreciated and heard by the public at that time. Due to the success of the song Let’s make lovehis name also grew popular.

Not enough with her singing career, she also started to dive into the world of acting in 2008, starring in a movie called Weahhh…. (2008)

With his acting skills, he continues to receive offers to star in other films on the big screen. Some of them viz Two romances of Diana (2009), A little letter to God (2017) and alder (2018).

Being active as a film actress did not make her refuse the offers that came her way to act in soap operas. He appeared in soap operas God (2011), Pashmina Aisha (2014), Domestic helper (2016) and A wife’s heart note 2 (2016).

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Aura Kasih Bio, Profile and Facts

(photo: instagram/aurakasih)

Biodata and profile

  • Full name: Shahiyani Febri Wiraatmadja
  • Stage Name: Aura of Love
  • Nickname: Aura
  • Place, date of birth: Bandung, West Java, 26 February 1987
  • Indonesian citizenship
  • Education: Angkasa Tasikmalaya High School
  • Islam
  • Height: 1.71 m
  • Parents: Jajad Sugiyanta (Father), Laela (Mother)
  • Brother: Ruslan Abdul Ghani
  • Partner: Eryck Amaral (2018-2021)
  • Anak: Arabella W Amaral
  • Profession: singer, actress, model
  • Hobbies: Singing
  • Facebook: @Aura Kasih
  • Twitter: @aurakasih87
  • Instagram: @aurakasih
  • Tic Tac Toe:-
  • YouTube: Aura of Love

Interesting facts

  • She was a finalist for Miss Indonesia 2007, representing Lampung province.
  • Rumored to be close to Samsons Band, Bams.
  • 8 years younger than him, Eryck Amaral turns out to be a widower who already has a child.
  • He and Eryck Amaral have the same hobby that is traveler to various countries.
  • I have been to China, Thailand and Vietnam for 3 months.
  • He and Eryck Amaral were dating in a LDR (Long Distance Relationship) because Eryck had to study at Colegio Pitagoras.
  • She officially married Eryck Amaral on December 26, 2018.
  • At the time of the birth of her first daughter, the baby was born 2 weeks earlier than planned because the amniotic fluid dried up and had to be removed immediately so as not to endanger mother and baby.
  • Her child, Arabella W Amaral, was born on June 16, 2019.
  • After 2 weeks since giving birth to her daughter, Aura Kasih managed to exercise and eat healthy to restore her body shape.
  • His household did not go well as Eryck Amaral left without ever telling him.
  • She officially divorced on April 28, 2021.
  • Once involved in a problem with Yan Widjaja, who is an actor and journalist. It’s all because Yan Widjaja uploaded his photo while mentioning a “milk factory”. This made him very angry.
  • It is often said to have similarities to the psychic Ki Prana Lewu.
  • It claims to choose to divert the needs of sexual desire to other activities. One of them he studied was hypnotherapy.
  • One of his photos that was shared on social networks was once stored by up to 10 thousand people.
  • It has a beauty clinic, fashion and cafe business.

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  • The Sacred Riana 2: Bloody Mary (2022)like Miss Klara
  • Darkness (2019), as Nina
  • The Red Door (2019), as Aya
  • Sacred Riana: Beginning (2019), as Mrs. Klara
  • PSP: Student style (2019), as Fatimah
  • The Little Chefs (2018), as Dian
  • alder (2018), as Arini
  • Invisible family (2017), as Rere
  • A little letter to God (2017), as adult Ningsih
  • 3 adventure girls (2013), as Citra
  • Two romances of Diana (2009), as Diana Dwiyana
  • Weahhh… (2008), as Night Flowers

soap operas

  • A wife’s heart note 2 (RCTI | 2016), as Aura
  • Domestic helper (RCTI | 2016), as Aura Cinta
  • Pashmina Aisha (RCTI | 2014), as Aisha
  • Pashmina Aisha (RCTI | 2014), as Pashmina
  • God (RCTI | 2011-2012), as Diandra


  • TV Movie: Donna Full Service (RCTI | 2015) as Donna
  • TV Movie: Seductive Girl from the 2nd Floor (RCTI | 2014)
  • TV Movie: Don’t Sing in the Bathroom (RCTI | 2013)
  • TV Movie: Crocodile Bread (RCTI | 2013) as Larasati


  • The peak of Romanticism (2009)
  • Tempter Angel (2008)


  • Axe
  • LG Electronics (2011)
  • Dakkari Sandal (2011)
  • GIV White (2009-2010)
  • Frestea Green My Body (2009)
  • Kozuii Slimming Suit (2008-2011)


  • IFBC Celebpreneur Award 2020 – DNI Skin Center
  • DFaward2012 – Most WOW Female Artist


  • If you focus on the wound, you will continue to suffer. If you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow.

  • Be kind to others for no reason.

  • Don’t just be good to others, be good to yourself.

Photos of Aura Kasih

1. Besides being a singer, he is also a model

in addition to being a singer, aura is also a model

(photo: instagram/aurakasih)

2. Look elegant with a special Balinese dress

aura looks elegant wearing Balinese clothes

(photo: instagram/aurakasih)

3. The heat of the sun adds to her beauty

under the sun, the singer of the song let's make love seem more charming

(photo: instagram/aurakasih)

4. He also likes animals, especially cats

Arini movie players also like animals like cats

(photo: instagram/aurakasih)

5. The casual style makes her look younger

Aura's casual style looks younger

(photo: instagram/aurakasih)

She started her career in the world of entertainment as a model. However, with her melodious voice and acting talent, she managed to become a popular singer and actress.