An acquaintance offers to take her home, but the story does not end well.
An acquaintance offers to take her home, but the story does not end well.

An acquaintance offers to take her home, but the story does not end well.

last week, Peter Pribill Pildinock He was with a friend and they both needed to return to their homes outside of Chicago. Suddenly, they met on the street on an acquaintance who He offered to take them in the car,

At first, the young American felt very grateful and lucky. However, the next day The driver wrote to him, intending to charge him for gasHe narrated the incident on social media and his post went viral.

“Friends of friends have become very bold,” said Peter angrily., in a video he posted on his TikTok account regarding a plea from a young woman he apparently had a distant relationship with. In the video, you can also see screenshots of the woman asking for money for the ride.

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The message in the photo is that the driver asked the young man that he brought money to buy gas in the car. Credit: tiktok screenshot @peterpribylpierdinock

“Hey, I’m Julia. What is your Wenmo account? I should charge you about $2.47 he took you home last night“, the young woman wrote, adding a laugh, seeming to downplay the request. Shortly after, the driver asked his friend for the information, asking him to transfer money as well.

“Gas is too expensive, hey.” Don’t blame me, blame Joe Biden,” Julia made a clear reference to the President of the United States and the country’s latest fuel hike, which resulted in a record price of $5 a gallon in June. The price has dropped a few cents, the truth is US inflation is currently the highest in 40 years,

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Peter’s post has garnered over 363,000 likes, over 2.8 million views and generated almost 5,000 comments. Among the various returns regarding unexpected requests from drivers, Users – in general – are critical of it,

“My life may depend on that $2.47, but I’ll still be ashamed to ask someone to pay me that money”; “I’ll answer that I don’t have a Venmo and I should bring the money to my house. That way, I’ll be in gas to spend more money”People love it and don’t be shy before sending itI think it’s unbelievable,” said some netizens.

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“It would be crazy if he volunteered. If you don’t and it feels forced, then damn you need better boundaries because It’s embarrassing“Nothing surprised me when a colleague sent me 85% of the Venmo app after buying me a banana before work”Gasoline is expensive, no one talks about what happened (distance, etc.) could have passed from payment to payment”; among the thousands of comments, others expressed their position on the matter.

In general, a user asked Peter:Why are you blaming Biden?? “. The young American humorously replied, “Looks like Biden took us home last night,