Amaravati: Is the Jagan scheme working?
Amaravati: Is the Jagan scheme working?

Amaravati: Is the Jagan scheme working?

Jaganmohan Reddy seems to have successfully restored his goal. He struck a blow to all the opposition and yellow media. For few days all the opposition parties + Yellowmedia along with TDP have been cooking up various stories and news about the name of YS Bharti in Delhi liquor scam and failure of the government in construction of Polavaram project.

In fact, the ED did not mention Bharti’s name anywhere in the liquor scam. However, the TDP dragged Bharti’s name on the road with the aim of defaming Jagan. The TDP is portraying Jagan as a failure 24 hours a day without exposing his corruption, fraud and complexities in the Polavaram project. Yellowmedia is giving huge publicity to this. Also, Yellowmedia is openly writing against the government on loans and other developments.

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While all this was happening side by side, Jagan Health University was suddenly removed from NTR’s name and named after Dr. YSR. The TDP and the Yellow Media were outraged by this. Immediately, from Wednesday evening, news, articles and TV discussions were revolving around NTR, YSR and Jagan. Such discussions are likely to continue for another two or three days.

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That means that Jagan has 100% diverted 100% attention from TDP and Yellow Media on one side. With that, Jagan’s plan seems to have worked completely. Indeed, did Jagan not know that it would not benefit the party to remove NTR’s name and replace it with Dr. YSR? It is also known that if there is no profit, it is possible to lose. However, if he did what he thought, the piece moved like some math. We will gradually find out what that calculation is, but we don’t know right now. Let’s see what happens in the end.

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