Also surprised to hear that nothing was collected from Rohana Astro.  — My news ONLINE
Also surprised to hear that nothing was collected from Rohana Astro. — My news ONLINE

Also surprised to hear that nothing was collected from Rohana Astro. — My news ONLINE

By Sirajuddin Ahmad

I’m in a hurry to lock up Najib, Razak, but haven’t you gathered anything else from Rohana Astro?

Ever since the 1MDB case became a self-consuming story for Tun Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan, because the characters who received a lot of money from Mahathir’s supporters, the side stories related to 1MDB continue to be hidden.

Among them, Zeti Akhtar and Mohd Nazlan Ghazali have not yet been charged.

In the last issue, Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s defense attorneys filed a corruption claim against Justice Nazlan as one of the reasons why the case must be retried.

The DSNR found that evidence of “conflict of interest” that Nazlan was involved in setting up SRC while working at Maybank was enough to strengthen his case.

It is more relevant and appropriate to request that the case be dropped or retried.

Regarding Nazlan’s corruption which was legitimately investigated by MACC and PDRM and now the indictments were on the Attorney General’s office, let it be the authority’s business with the Attorney General.

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In the latest report published by several media outlets, it was found that Rohana Rozhan (Astro’s former CEO) has yet to return the sum of RM44 million believed to be from 1MDB money.

This is quite surprising news.

This is because the way DSNR is being treated, it is described as if the RM43 million case was entered by a third party in its account as a case where the sky is about to fall.

However, when the party known as Tun Mahathir’s friends, he is slow to do anything.

The story of Rohana Astro is the same as the case of Zeti Akhtar, Nor Yakob and Nazlan Ghazali.

When it comes to individuals related to Mahathir, it will certainly go nowhere.

Even public opinion’s assumption that Mahathir is behind all this may not be wrong.

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Moreover, IRB is yet to reveal how many crores all the above mentioned names have taxed.

If DSNR is charged crazy but no news how much IRB will have to charge Zeti Akhtar, Nor Yakob, Rohana and Nazlan.

If a person elected by the people and holding the position of prime minister can be taxed, why people like Zeti, Nor Yakob, Rohana and Nazlan LHDN are still not announcing how much they are taxed?

What type of tax system does our country have?

Rohana was tied up when Tim Leisner revealed in the US court to silence her from revealing Leisner’s involvement in the 1MDB fraud scandal, then was awarded a sum of RM44 million for the mansion.

So the big question and the reason people no longer believe the fabricated 1MDB case is when these things happen.

So no wonder Rafizi Ramli had to create a new LCS scandal to divert attention from the 1MDB case consuming PH and Tun Mahathir.

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When Zeti and Nazlan’s corruption came to light, Mahathir was slammed for not immediately showing his role and declaration as the nation’s champion and anti-corruption icon by calling for Zeti and Nazlan to be prosecuted.

In fact, Mahathir always created new problems to avoid being questioned about two cases involving his friends, such as his feud with Tan Sri Appandi Ali.[ura2gaduhdenganTanSriAppandiAli[ura2gaduhdenganTanSriAppandiAli

Anyway, the conclusion is very strange because it is too clear that there is no rush for Amar Singh to attack him in Najib’s house or IRB calculating crazy tax against Najib.

Most disgustingly, they are not treated as people who made a mistake just like what was done to Najb Razak.

We don’t know if their passports were touched or not.

This is the picture seen by subordinates lately.