Allowing party-hopping is Mahathir’s ploy to overlap the party and the winning MP.  — My news ONLINE
Allowing party-hopping is Mahathir’s ploy to overlap the party and the winning MP. — My news ONLINE

Allowing party-hopping is Mahathir’s ploy to overlap the party and the winning MP. — My news ONLINE

By Sirajuddin Ahmad.

When Mahathir offered a suggestion to allow party hopping or even consider party hopping as a democratic practice, then it proved that Mahathir still wants to hold power using the winning party.

It must be remembered that Mahathir was one of the first individuals to “steal” MPs from the UMNO party.

He “stole” 12 UMNO “frog” MPs into his minority party PPBM after GE14.

Since then, the country has not been peaceful until today after Barisan Nasional is not in power.

Plus the ‘Sheraton Move’ reinforcements which are also related to Mahathir.

Even though Mahathir himself declared UMNO as a “kleptocratic” and “corrupt” party, it was the UMNO party members that Mahathir brought into the Bersatu party.

After this, now Mahathir has become more vocal in wanting to be allowed to jump parties, this is because Mahathir knows he has to travel with the winning party and winning MPs run on behalf of other parties.

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The ‘Mahathir’ brand is no longer selling so Mahathir will try to win some parliamentary seats including Langkawi and most of them will come from APs who have been successfully persuaded, threatened and ‘bullied’ into jumping in front of him or being on his side.

This is Mahathir, that is why he made big, selfish statements and did not take the heart of the people, because knowing who the people will vote for later, then those who will vote will be picked and fished to support him.

In short, Mahathir does not need the people’s vote because Mahathir is only a “representative of the people”.

Think about it, this is a shortcut to power and power control, fooling people, who choose the other side, but get the other side.

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For GE15, sources told Mahathir that he was very afraid if BN was in charge and UMNO was dominant in BN because Mahathir knew that many cases could be attributed to him.

In fact, there are many existing cases, but thanks to behind-the-scenes control, Mahathir is still safe.

Just look at the Zeti and Nazlan cases, in addition to the FOREX case that was successfully stamped “NFA” by Mahathir himself.

That has not yet taken into account the case of the surrender of Batu Puteh Island.

Sources also said that Mahathir has already installed the “bar” in each party such as Bersatu, PKR and UMNO, who will act as intermediaries to bring the winning Members of Parliament from the other party to bow at Mahathir’s feet as the new ” Boss”.

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Reasons will be created to “justify” why they want to jump.

Bung Mokthar also said in parliament, those who do not agree with the party-hopping act where they intend to jump.

Jumping into a party after you’ve won tickets and other party spots is like “ordering another item, which leads to another item.”

It is deceptive during the day.

What’s the point of being so fired up and desperate to attack your opponent if you end up jumping to the other side?

So yes, Mahathir has many tricks, because he is a political “desperado” whose “survival” is his priority and not the “survival” of the people.

Because his own brand was dirty and not selling, 42 warehouses were lost, then Mahathir needs another party to win the jump to him.

Thus, he can still be in power, even by deception.