“Aliff Shukri Donates voice, even when the CD comes out, it’s not sure if anyone will buy it”
“Aliff Shukri Donates voice, even when the CD comes out, it’s not sure if anyone will buy it”

“Aliff Shukri Donates voice, even when the CD comes out, it’s not sure if anyone will buy it”

RTM Music Director, Datuk Mokhzani Ismail recognize the singing of sensational entrepreneurs, Datuk Aliff Syukri through song Dear child together Baby Shima that sounds discordant.

Choice report Metro dailyMokhzani also commented that Baby Shima’s voice has no problem and said that the music of the song is simple but only the singing is problematic.

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“Next time call someone with ‘ears’ to take care of the voice. It’s not that we don’t want to help. I think it’s okay to want him to sing too, but that’s why you have to act because it’s not that easy to get on the radio.

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“We don’t want to compromise on that either. This song is “simple” and the music is ok. According to the concept, the only problem is the singing.

“Baby Shima has no problem, but Datuk’s singing needs to be practiced again. Okay, so far YouTube has 813,000 views, which is a lot. That’s enough,” he said.

According to Mokhzani, going viral or “trending” is not a determinant of a song’s quality. However, he does not believe that it interferes with the music industry.

“Actually, listeners like to listen, including me, I want to hear what’s wrong. It’s not fair because usually the judges are looking for the wrong thing in the song, but this one wanted to find the right “part” and couldn’t find it.

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“If it’s on the radio and it’s on TV, it’s different. If they release a physical CD, no one will necessarily buy it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mokhzani explained that Aliff has many weaknesses and is no match for Shima’s voice, which is described as perfect.

“Actually, various techniques can be used. Indeed, Baby Shima is perfect, but perfect, he is too “perfect” for Aliff to hear that he has “pitching”, his running seems excessive.

“It can be corrected, but I don’t know if the editor will take a stand, maybe this Datuk will accidentally mess with the editor. He said ok it’s ok. He didn’t even know what, he said well.

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“The voice doesn’t match Baby Shima’s voice. God, listen back. Even if it’s easy. I don’t know what to say,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mokhzani said there is no problem for Aliff to record a song but his statement calling himself the number one artist cannot be accepted by many.

“Actually, there are many songs like this on YouTube, but because he’s Aliff Syukri and he seems to be boasting about the number one artist statement, it’s something people can’t accept,” he said.