Afghan judge fleeing Taliban appeals against UK entry ban
Afghan judge fleeing Taliban appeals against UK entry ban

Afghan judge fleeing Taliban appeals against UK entry ban

The former judge has family members who are British and settled in the UK.

Taliban fighters hold weapons as they travel in a convoy to celebrate Victory Day near Kabul Airport in Kabul on August 15, 2022. (Photo by WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images)

By: Pramod Thomas

A former judge from Afghanistan has appealed against the Home Office’s decision to refuse her entry to the UK, according to media reports.

According to her lawyers, tThe 52-year-old woman and her 24-year-old son fled Afghanistan and are hiding in Pakistan after their home in Kabul was attacked and several of her former colleagues were killed, reports say .

Lawyers for Kingsley Napley said they had lodged the first appeal at the Immigration Court on behalf of their client – named only as ‘Y’ – and her son.

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They added that the judge had once presided over cases involving Taliban members, violence against women, rape, terrorism offenses and conspiracy against the Afghan government.

“If any case should be granted on compassionate grounds, it is this one. Our client is in constant fear of being discovered and deported back to Afghanistan, where her and her son’s personal safety is at risk,” Oliver Oldman, a Kingsley Napley immigration lawyer, was quoted as saying by Sky News.

The former judge has family members who are British and settled in the UK, including her nephew who works as a civil servant.

An application for entry to the UK was made last November, which included arguments made under Article 8 of the European Court of Human Rights, the right to respect for private and family life. The The Home Office rejected the request this month.

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Following the denial, Oldman accused the government of creating a “false narrative” around safe and legal migration routes.

The government recently released updated figures on the number of people who have been brought from Afghanistan to safety in the UK, following requests for information ahead of the one-year anniversary of the capture of Kabul by Taliban forces.

The total number exceeded 21,000 people, the government said, including British citizens and their families, Afghans who worked for Britain and people identified as high risk.

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The number of Afghan refugees arriving in the UK was not provided.

“The UK is taking a leading role in the international response to support Afghan nationals at risk and has made one of the largest resettlement commitments of any country,” a Home Office spokesman said.

“This includes welcoming more than 21,000 Afghan women, children and other at-risk groups to the UK through a safe and legal route to resettle in the UK.”

The Taliban in Afghanistan celebrated the first anniversary of their capture of Kabul last week. Supporters took to Twitter to commemorate their suicide bombers, using the hashtag “martyrdom seekers” and posting dozens of videos of attacks and explosions.