Actress Claudia Jimenez has died at the age of 63: the cause of death has been revealed
Actress Claudia Jimenez has died at the age of 63: the cause of death has been revealed

Actress Claudia Jimenez has died at the age of 63: the cause of death has been revealed

Actress Claudia Jimenez has died at the age of 63: the cause of death has been revealed

Actress Claudia Jimenez has died early saturday morning in Rioat the age of 63. Let’s see how actress Claudia Jimenez died and cause of death in detail

What happened to Claudia?

Throughout her life, Claudia suffered cancer treatment. According to G1, the actress found a cancerous growth under her heart in 1986 after she went to the doctor with a persistent cough. The radiotherapy procedure was uncomfortable and challenging.

Unfortunately, Claudia continued to experience other health problems as, according to the same medical professionals, her treatment had an impact on the tissues in her heart.

Because of this problem, Claudia underwent three more surgeries throughout her life: the first was in 1999 to implant five heart bypasses.

The second was in 2012 to replace his natural aortic valve with a synthetic one,

And the third was in 2014 to implant a pacemaker.

Claudia Jimenez cause of death

When Claudia visited the doctor in 1986 for treatment for a chronic cough, the doctor found a cancerous growth in her mediastinum, which is the area behind the heart. Eventually he became dejected.

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With the help of Chico Anysio, the condition of the actress was cured, and the diagnosis was incorrect. But he had another health problem as a result of the radiotherapy treatments.

Her heart tissues may have been damaged by the treatment, according to doctors, forcing her to undergo at least three surgeries in the years to come.

The impact on heart tissues due to radiation therapy treatments was the cause of Claudia Jimenez’s death.

Claudia Jimenez stated about her health condition in an interview

2014 photo of actress Claudia Jimenez talking to Fantástico in an interview.

First, a total of five bypass surgeries were performed in 1999; second, a synthetic aortic valve was installed in 2012; and thirdly, a pacemaker was implanted in 2014.

“When I yell at my doctor, ‘Oh, terrible radiation!’ But if it hadn’t been for her, wouldn’t you have been up there for a while? he continues.

In 2014, a few months after the procedure, Claudia gave an interview to “Fantástico”, saying: “And it’s true, I mean, we always have to thank you instead of moaning.”

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“Maturity improves your looks. Occasionally I become aware that deep down I’m not cool, so I look for things that make me feel cool. Some people have said to me, “Oh, how delicate you are.”
I reply: “Fragile? I am the toughest individual I know. They come up to me and say, “Let’s replace the aortic valve.” “Okay, let’s go,” I say. We will perform five bypasses. “Ok, let’s go. Put on the pacemaker. “Ok.”
I will do whatever it takes to stay here,” he said.

Who is Cláudia Jimenez?

Claudia Jimenez (Rio de Janeiro, November 18, 1958) is a Brazilian television, film and theater actress.

She was the daughter of a tango singer and a street vendor and a coconut candy wrapper, Claudia Maria Patitucci Jimenez was born in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio, in 1958.

He attended the Normal Course, specializing in nursery school and kindergarten and, already in his youth, he dedicated himself to amateur theater.

Her career

Her debut in the professional theater was in 1978, in the play “Opera do Malandro”, by Chico Buarque, in which she played the prostitute. Mimi Bibelot.

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Director Mauricio Sherman was the one who took her to TV Globo.

In the 1980s, Claudia participated in the opening of the program “Viva o Gordo”, by Jô Soares, and gave life to the hunger. Puritywife of Apollo, of the Still Dying About It! staff, in “Chico City”.

“Purity only thought about sex,” Claudia recalled in an interview with “Folha de S.Paulo.”

From 1990 onwards, Claudia Jimenez played the sincere and prominent Dona Cacilda, one of the students of “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo”, alongside “Professor” Chico Anysio. With Cacilda, she blazoned another slogan: “Beijinho, beijinho, pau, pau.”

Cacilda, Claudia remembered in 2014, keeps her in her heart. “It wasn’t even for the character, but for what I experienced there. It was six years of laughter,” he emphasized.


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